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Jana Burčeska (FYR Macedonia): “What’s not to look forward to?”

02 May 2017 at 14:42 CEST
FYR of Macedonia rehearsals Andres Putting
Jana Burčeska will represent FYR Macedonia with the song 'Dance Alone'. "It is my first experience on such a big stage," she said ahead of her first rehearsal.

Backstage Jana revealed that she wasn't sure if she should be nervous or not. “What’s not to look forward to? In Kyiv I will experience the greatest time of my life,” she said with a smile.

Celebrate diversity, the slogan of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, means a lot to Macedonian singer. "The people in my country are very diverse and celebrating that means helping each other and being different. It's good to be different," Jana explained.

Dancing alone

When asked Jana about what we can expect from her performance and if she has had any surprises up her sleeve, she revealed that during the rehearsal we will only see the shoes that she’ll be wearing on the night. “You’ll be surprised with the choreography we have arranged,” teased Jana. 

Rehearsal reflections caught up with Jana after her first rehearsal which went well according to the singer. "All of us did well, the backing vocals were amazing and the entire team were great." 

The singer from F.Y.R. Macedonia says that the message of Dance Alone is one of love. "Love is all you need at the end of the day. Even though we like to dance alone, we continue to look for someone who we can dance with.”

Before she arrived in Kyiv, Jana went on a promotional tour which included a stop in Amsterdam for Eurovision in Concert:

Jana is excited to meet the other participants again: "I can’t wait to see Slavko from Montenegro, I already saw Nathan from Austria and I really like Claudia from Malta. There are so many beautiful people here."

The next rehearsal for Jana will take place on Friday 5th May and she will perform during the second Semi-Final on 11th May. You can learn more about Jana by reading her participant profile.