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Jamala: "I always wanted to do a parachute jump"

Posted 12 May 2016 at 18:13

To learn Jamala’s funny side, we played a game and asked the singer to choose between two options: black or white, high heels or sneakers, vodka or wine, and Verka Serduchka or Ruslana? Jamala told us what she always wanted to do but never dared and if she believes in love at the first sight. Find out more below!

Eurovision.tv met the Ukrainian singer Jamala at the balcony of the Globen Hotel. The Ukrainian singer answered some unconventional questions, while enjoying the nice weather and observing the Tele2 Arena. "I always wanted to jump with a parachute but have never dared," she confessed. "I am strong, emotional and sensitive," Jamala described her character in three words. "Of course I believe in love in the first sight. It always starts from the first sight, " Jamala commented. 
-Dogs or cats? Jamala: Dogs. I have a wonderful and so cute dog.
- Vodka or wine? Jamala: Wine, but not too much.
- Theatre or movie? Jamala: Theatre.
- Winning the Eurovision Song Contest or having a great hit all over Europe? Jamla: A great hit and sharing my music with people. 
- High heels or sneakers? Jamala: High heels.

Olena Omelyanchuk
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Olena Omelyanchuk