Jade: We take it seriously!

"This year, I think, the UK have decided to take it a bit more seriously," Jade told us. "Hopefully to prove to rest of Europe we do care about the contest and it's serious to us. Hopefully it pays off."

Talking about her co-operation with the world-famous composer Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, she was naturally very positive. "I love working with Andrew," she said. "He's very passionate about music and that's what we have in common."

"Hopefully he'll join me in Moscow, he hasn't confirmed anything yet but I'd love him to be there because I think it'd help," the young singer hoped. 

She's picked out her favourites from this year's Europe's favourite TV-show already. "The competition is so strong, everybody's songs are so good. I just can't tell which way the contest is going to go this year," Ewen concluded.

But who her favourites are, who's her all-time Eurovision Song Contest favourite, who's her inspiration, news about her dress and more, you can see in the video below! 


Jade (and possible Webber) will take the stage in Moscow in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on the 16th of May. Read more about her on her Artist Profile.

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