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IVAN's postcard: A walk with a wolf

08 April 2016 at 01:42 CEST
IVAN, the Belarusian representative in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, shot his postcard for Stockholm. The two-day recordings took place in different areas in Minsk. In his postcard, the singer shows not only his passion to music, but also his ties with nature. Learn more about IVAN's postcard below!

In the end of March, the Swedish crew came to Belarus to shoot IVAN's postcard that features singer's favourite places and links him in a very unique way with his home country. His postcard shows who IVAN is in his real life, namely, "cheeky, self-confident, but with a smile". It will be shown before the actual entry during the live show in May.

The recordings took place in three different places: in the forest, in the old town of Minsk and in the music shop. In the forest, the Belarusian representative took a walk with a real wolf. This animal has a very special meaning for the singer and symbolises his tie with nature. During the shooting, IVAN had white stripes pained on his face. "The drawing on my face means a tribute to our ancestors and some ritual acts, nothing related to a war; these are not the fighting colours", explained the artist. In IVAN's official preview video, animated wolves can also be seen on the background.

The second spot of IVAN's postcard was the old town of Minsk, a cultural and architectural centre. Beside this, the singer visited a music shop, where he played different music instruments.

Gallery: IVAN records his official postcard

"We will show a few video portraits of every participant. This year we use a very modern stabilization system for camera, so the viewers will have the feeling that they are flying around the star", said one of the Swedish crew's members.