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Italy's Francesca Michielin begins her roadtrip to Stockholm!

29 April 2016 at 21:07 CEST
Francesca Michielin, the Italian representative in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest is en route to Stockholm by bus! The young singer set off from Italy this afternoon and was given a proper send off by fans and supporters. Leaving from her home town, Bassano del Grappa, Francesca will cross Europe, accompanied by all her instruments. There will be six stops on the way, the six degrees that separate Francesca and Europe, before she arrives in Stockholm next week.

From the little town in the province of Vicenza, the bus will proceed to Vienna, Warsaw, Berlin and Copenhagen, finally stopping in Stockholm. In the spirit of the slogan chosen for the trip, Beat the Street, Francesca will meet her “Eurovisifans” in each capital, as well as catching up with several of the competing singers for impromptu live sessions.

Francesca will be on a special journey that explores different cultures, a route designed to wipe out the six degrees of separation from Europe, starting precisely with the concept that inspired the song Francesca is taking to the Eurovision stage. After her runaway success at the Sanremo Festival, she will represent Italy with No Degree of Separation, a part-translated English version of Nessun Grado di Separazione, which she will sing in both languages so the song can be shared by everyone thanks to this universal language.

Twitter is the Beat the Street partner, welcoming Francesca to its headquarters during her stop in Berlin, and for the entire trip, they will support this young singer with several tools for sharing the experience with her followers and getting the best interactions with the social network’s users.

The Sanremo song is from the new release, di20are, and is still flying high among the most popular airplays on Italian radio. After taking the top of the sales charts, it was certified as a platinum disc, while the videoclip has already garnered almost 15,000,000 views on Vevo and YouTube.

Meanwhile, pre-sales continue for Francesca’s di20are Live tour, which features shows in Italy’s top clubs, including 11 new concerts. She will share the stage with four musicians from her band to make this special live adventure even more exciting. There will also be solo spots on the stage during the evenings, where she will perform for her fans.