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Måneskin will represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest

07 March 2021 at 02:47 CET
Måneskin will represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Måneskin
Måneskin, with the song 'Zitti e buoni', have won the 71st Festival di Sanremo and the opportunity to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

Before competing, all contestants are required to tell broadcaster RAI whether they would be willing to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest should they triumph. Not every act says ‘sì’, so the winner of Sanremo won’t necessarily join us in the Netherlands.

This year’s winners Måneskin confirmed their participation at the Eurovision Song Contest on Sunday 7 March.

Italy, as one of the Big 5 countries, automatically qualifies for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest which will take place on Saturday 22 May 2021.

About Måneskin

Måneskin is an Italian rock band from Rome, consisting of lead vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi, and drummer Ethan Torchio.

More to follow…

71st Festival di Sanremo

The Italian Festival di Sanremo underwent their annual run of 5 consecutive nights of live entertainment. To reach the final result, all 26 acts performed their competing songs three times for the different juries: a demographic jury; the orchestra; a press jury; and TV viewers, who could televote for their favourite songs during the final.

All 3 sets were tabulated equally (33% each +1% for televoting) and produced a final ranking. The top 3 went on to a super final where a new voting from the press jury, the demographic jury and the public took place, producing the following the ultimate result.

  • Ermal Meta – Un milione di cose da dirti (3rd)
  • Francesca Michielin e Fedez – Chiamami per nome (2nd)
  • Måneskin – Zitti e buoni (1st) ⭐️
The Top 3 in Sanremo 2021 RAI

The two former Eurovision Song Contest participants Francesca Michielin (2016) and Ermal Meta (2018) finished second and third respectively.

Sanremo class of 2021

The 26 competing acts and songs were::

  • Aiello – Ora (25th)
  • Annalisa – Dieci (7th)
  • Arisa – Potevi fare di più (10th)
  • Bugo – E invece sì (24th)
  • Colapesce e Dimartino – Musica leggerissima (4th)
  • Coma_Cose – Fiamme negli occhi (20th)
  • Ermal Meta – Un milione di cose da dirti (3rd)
  • Extraliscio feat. Davide Toffolo – Esordienti (12th)
  • Fasma – Parlami (18th)
  • Francesca Michielin e Fedez – Chiamami per nome (2nd)
  • Francesco Renga – Quando trovo te (22nd)
  • Fulminacci – Santa Marinella (16th)
  • Gaia – Cuore amaro (19th)
  • Ghemon – Momento perfetto (21st)
  • Gio Evan – Arnica (23rd)
  • Irama – La genesi del tuo colore (5th)
  • La Rappresentante di Lista – Amare (11th)
  • Lo Stato Sociale – Combat Pop (13th)
  • Madame – Voce (8th)
  • Malika Ayane – Ti piaci così (15th)
  • Måneskin – Zitti e buoni (1st)
  • Max Gazzè e Trifluoperazina Monstery Band – Il farmacista (17th)
  • Noemi – Glicine (14th)
  • Orietta Berti – Quando ti sei innamorato (9th)
  • Random – Torno a te (26th)
  • Willie Peyote – Mai dire mai (La locura) (6th)

(Final position in brackets)

Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest

In 1997, the country withdrew from the Eurovision Song Contest but since their return in 2011 they’ve finished inside the top 10 on a whopping 7 occasions out of 9, picking up two silver medals along the way!

Surely it’s only a matter of time before the Contest heads back to Italy? Allora!