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Italy: Il Volo's bel canto love song

17 May 2015 at 11:12 CEST
Today Italy came to the Wiener Stadthalle to rehearse on the big stage. Well regarded by the press and fans alike, Il Volo are big names at home and hope their big bel canto number, Grande Amore will capture the hearts of Europe and Australia on the 23rd of May.

It was immediately apparent that this was going to be something special; as the song starts the huge LED screen lights up with images of Roman statues, developing into an almost "heavenly" scene above the clouds, with the graphics following every note, and every crescendo of this powerful operatic number.

Bel canto at its best

Other than the graphics the staging is simple, rather focusing attention onto the song and the performers. The three members of the group are also wearing dark suits, their appearance impeccable as you would expect. Vocally, everything works: powerful voices, perfect harmonies and not one mistake. These are seasoned performers and they know exactly what it takes to win over the audience.

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Up with the sun

It is an early start at the Wiener Stadthalle today, ahead of the Opening Ceremony later this evening. The three members of Il Volo were concentrating deeply backstage in preparation for their first rehearsal. Performing at the Eurovision Song Contest offers the group so many opportunities so they were keen to get it right. 

The first task of the day was to rehearse the in-ear equipment and get the sound levels right, after which they will take to the stage... Just before the stage rehearsal their vocal exercises could be heard bellowing around the Wiener Stadthalle. A sign of things to come.