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It's Moustache for France!

02 March 2014 at 19:03 CET

In today's broadcast of Les Chansons D'Abord, the presenter Natasha St.Pier made the announcement of the song that will represent France at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark.

Click on the song title to listen to the three candidates (winner in bold):

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The songs have been voted on by the viewers from last January 26th to the 23rd of February 2014. A jury of professionals has also given their votes, with both accounting for 50% of the result. Recap programmes of the songs were broadcast daily on France 3 and on and approximately 28 million people have watched one of the recaps, that represents 47% of the French population.

It was announced that the winners of the competition are Twin Twin with their song Moustache.

The winners Twin Twin

This is a trio of creative effervescence with electro, rock, rap, funk and chanson influences and consists of Lorent Idir and François Djemel, the twins after which the group is named; the third member being Patrick Biyik. With their spring-mounted melodies, their taste for mash-ups and striking conjugations, their use of gimmick and vibrant lyrics dealing with reality, Twin Twin looks like a great cure for the gloomy atmosphere. Their motto? Vive la vie ... Oh yeah!

France with Twin Twin and Moustache will perform at the Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen on the 10th of May. Natasha St-Pier will also be this year's French commentator alongside Cyril Feraud on the night.