'It's just amazing', Ell/Nikki say

Looking very excited, both of them explained our video crew how they haven't had almost any sleep after triumphing in Düsseldorf. "We slept 6-7 hours in total in the last 3 days," Ell explains.

Ell/Nikki also talked to us about what it felt like going back to the country they brought victory to. "Thousands of people were waiting for us!" Ell states. "It's amazing!".

Winning the contest has also brought some changes to their personal lives. Especially to Nikki.

"My older daughter also wants to be a singer now, wants to be at the Eurovision Song Contest," - Nikki says. "With me!" Ell adds.

See our full video interview below and find out what more did they have to tell us and the visitors of Eurovision.tv!

Ell/Nikki won the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest on the 14th of May in Düsseldorf with the song Running Scared, bringing Azerbaijan their first ever victory.

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