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It's Izabo's time in Baku

14 May 2012 at 11:07 CEST

Backstage, whilst preparing for their rehearsal, Izabo spoke to about their time in Baku so far, lead singer Ran Shem-Tov told us "We arrived yesterday, and it's a very big city, it looks like a rich city, but we haven't had time to meet many people yet, and we are now waiting for the action!."

Female vocalist of Izabo, Shiri Hadar has her five month old daughter Eli accompanying her in Baku, Eli is the youngest person ever to have an official accreditation pass for the Eurovision Song Contest!.

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It's just like a barbie house!

Izabo are a four person band, with two male singers both playing the electric guitar, a male drummer and female vocalist and keyboard player. They are joined by a male and female backing vocalist, who begin off stage, but join the band later during the performance.

The LED screens show a rotating clock which is inscribed with the song title Time in the centre, surrounded by many small stop watches bouncing along in the background, against a backdrop of large cog wheels.

The female off stage backing singer said of the organisation in Baku "Everything is perfect, it's just like a barbie house!."

The delegation in general were not so happy with their time on stage however, with the Head of Delegation voicing disapproval at the camera direction after the rehearsals.

There will be pyrotechnics during the live performance, shooting flames at the beginning of the song and during the last chorus. The song ends with the male and female backing singer embracing and kissing.

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Press conference cancelled

Everything was not so perfect for lead singer Ran however, as his luggage and costume somehow managed to stay behind in Israel rather than accompanying him to Baku. 

Due to their late arrival in Baku yesterday, Israel cancelled their first press conference but will hold one after their second rehearsal, so stay tuned to to hear what they have to say.