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It's Heilsarmee for Switzerland!

Again, the Swiss Eurovision Song Contest entry has been chosen in a public national final, broadcast live from the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen tonight.

Nine acts competed, representing all kinds of musical styles and performances, from a romantic ballad in Italian language to folk-rock in French, from euro-pop to a crazy "monkey dance". The latter was performed by Anthony Bighead, who even had loyal fans in the public, wearing monkey masks!

This is the complete line-up of tonight's final (in order of placings, winner in bold):

  1. Heilsarmee - You And Me (37.54 %)
  2. Carrousel - J'avais rendez-vous (17.26 %)
  3. Jesse Ritch - Forever & A Day (11.75 %)
  4. Melissa - The Point Of No Return (9.72 %)
  5. Chiara Dubey - Bella Sera (9.04 %)
  6. Nicolas Fraissinet - Lève-toi (6.55 %)
  7. Anthony Bighead - Do The Monkey (5.66 %)
  8. Nill Klemm - On My Way (1.69 %)
  9. Ally - Catch Me (0.79 %)

After the performances, a so-called "Europa Panel" commented on the songs and stage acts. The panel consisted of German comedian Hella von Sinnen as well as Sanna Thöresson (Sweden), Danijel Ivanovic (Serbia), Claudio Martella (Italy), and Mali Demren (Turkey). 

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In the end, however, it was the TV public who decided who would represent their home country in Malmö in May 2013. Before the results were announced, however, Sinplus, the 2012 Swiss representatives, presented their new single Turn On The Lights.

Then it was finally time to find out who won! First, the top-3 were announced: Heilsarmee, Jesse Ritch, and Carrousel. In the end, the ticket to Malmö went to Heilsarmee! They will represent Switzerland with they hymn You And Me.

At the same time, they will set a new record at the Eurovision Song Contest, as their oldest band member is 94 years old. It was obvious, though, that he was enjoying tonight's show a lot. Let's hope that Europe will join in this cheerful anthem next May!