'It's going to be amazing', Harel says

Currently, the composer, Tomer Adaddi, and Harel Skaat are working on a new version of their entry. They want to make Milim 'bigger'."We have a full orchestra now, it's going to be amazing," Harel says.

But he's also getting more and more nervous about the upcoming performance. "I can't sleep at night because I think all the time about the song and the stage, how it'll be, how the light is going to be." he explains.

"I'm so excited!" the composer adds. "It's amazing, we have an amazing singer. I'm just waiting to perform this on the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Oslo."

"The most important thing in the end of the day is the performance on the stage, that's why I work so hard," the young singer tells us. "I want it to be perfect." 

By the way, you can read what they're up to on Harel Skaat's MyEurovision profile and Tomer Adaddi's MyEurovision profile as well. And also, see our interview below.


Harel Skaat will take the stage in the second Semi-Final, on the 27th of May, in Oslo.

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