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It's Farid Mammadov for Azerbaijan

14 March 2013 at 20:54 CET

Tonight, Azerbaijan put on a spectacular show as ten acts competed for the right to represent their country in Malmö, Sweden in May. However, there could only be one winner and this was Farid Mammadov who will sing Hold Me on the Eurovision Song Contest stage on the 16th of May.

Watch Farid sing Hold Me below:

The particpants

Below is a list of the participants that took part in tonight's show (winner in bold):

  1. Artist: Leyla Kafari. Title: Pride
  2. Artist: Vugar Muradov. Title: Baby baby
  3. Artist: Valeriya Huseynzadeh. Title: If this is love
  4. Artist: Leyla Aliyeva. Title: Welcome to the sun
  5. Artist: Farah Hadiyeva. Title: We are one
  6. Artist: Nigar Huseynova. Title: I still believe
  7. Artist: Vlada Ahundova. Title: Big Time
  8. Artist: Ravana Aliyeva. Title: Lovely King
  9. Artist: Farid Mammadov. Title: Hold Me
  10. Artist: Aysel Babayeva. Title: Sleazy Mo

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Watch the show again!

Remember, that if you missed tonight's show or you loved it so much you just want to see it again, you can watch it on our WebTV player!

Who is Farid Mammadov?

There is no doubt that Farid has charmed the Azerbaijani audience over the last few weeks with both his considerable musical talent and smouldering good looks. As Farid, aged 21 has effortlessly proven, he is one of the finest vocalists Azerbaijan has produced in years.

To win the competition, Farid provided an emotive and sensitive performance of the song Hold Me.  This is a strong romantic ballad, which is interpreted powerfully, yet sensitively by Farid. Hold Me is composed by Dimitrios Kontopoulos, who previously produced Eurovision songs for Ani Lorak, Sakis Rouvas and had 27 number one hits in Greek national airplay charts.

Special guests

Tonight's final was awash with special guests including 2011 winner Eldar Qasimov, last year's participant, Sabina Babayeva and famous Azerbaijani artist Tynzalia Agaeva.

After directly qualifying for the final last year in Baku as the host nation, this year Azerbaijan will perform in the second Semi-Final to be held at the Malmö Arena in Sweden on the 16th of May.