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It's Boggie for Hungary!

28 February 2015 at 23:28 CET

Today's final of A Dal 2015 featured a wide range of music styles and artistic performances, including a Celtic ballad, electronic music, a 1920s-style cabaret song, and a classic schlager in Hungarian language.

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After an exciting show, which was kicked off by a joint performance of all eight competing artists, the public picked the winner out of four remaining superfinalists by televoting. Boggie will represent Hungary in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest!

You can watch her performance of Wars For Nothing below:


BOGGIE is a project of two young songwriters, singer Boglárka Csemer and keyboardist Áron Sebestyén. Melody is the central and essential element the music of BOGGIE. The songs are woven around the magical melodies delivered by Boglárka’s unique voice, singing in French and English and her native Hungarian. Her voice draws the listener into the enchanted world of French chanson as well as the emotional intensity of modern pop music intertwined with the playfulness and musical explorations of


The group was formed in 2010, the two founding members, singer Boglárka and keyboard player Áron, were soon joined by a full band to complete the present line-up: Tamás Szabó on drums, Mihály Simkó-Várnagy on bass and electric cello, Izsák Farkas on electric viola. As early as 2012 their song Japánkert (‘Japanese Garden’) was rewarded the Special Prize of the Hungarian Jazz Association.

The first self titled BOGGIE album came out in 2013 on the indie label Tom-Tom Records Hungary. The album reached number 3 on Billboard Jazz Album Chart as well as number 17 on Billboard World Music Album Chart. The high chart ranking of the album was due to the massive success of the album’s first video single, Nouveau Parfum, which went viral in early 2014, earning a view count of 30 million and numerous media features worldwide.

Their follow-up album, All Is One Is All, came out in October 2014. BOGGIE have toured numerous European cities already several times – Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam as well as Paris, where on one occasion they performed at the renowned festival Jazz Sur Seine. Their first American tour took place in the autumn of 2014 starting in New York.

Quotes and Impressions

While the rehearsals were still ongoing, we met some of the singers backstage - watch the impressions in our videos below!

The Line-Up

The following eight acts competed in the Final of A Dal 2015 (jury points in the first voting round in brackets, super-finalists in bold):

  • Bálint Gájer - That's How It Goes (0 points)
  • Boggie - Wars For Nothing (24 points)
  • Spoon - Keep Marching On (20 points)
  • Kati Wolf - Ne engedj el (16 points)
  • Ádám Szabó - Give Me Your Love (28 points)
  • PASSED - Mesmerize (0 points)
  • Ív - Fire (4 points)
  • Zoltán Mujahid - Beside You (20 points)

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The Voting

There were two rounds of voting tonight. First the expert jury - Magdi Rúzsa, Philip Rákay, Jenő Csiszár and Pierrot - have picked the four songs they liked best by giving 10, 8, 6, and 4 points to the acts after all the songs had been performed. 

Then it was up to the TV viewers to pick a winner out of the four super-finalist by means of televoting.

The Interval

In the interval, the band Leander Rising, who had been part of the quarter-final line-up of A Dal, showed an acoustic performance.

Of course, András Kállay-Saunders, who had represented Hungary in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and reached a smashing fifth place in the Grand Final, was also present to perform a medley of his songs.

The Presenters

The final was hosted by Csilla Tatár and Levente Harsányi. Csilla Tatár had previously been the host of various TV shows, including a popular morning show.

Levente Harsányi already was a backstage presenter in A Dal 2014. He will be the first and last point of contact with the artists before their performances, and he will make sure viewers feel involved in the behind the scenes events. Levente will also host Dal+, the new aftershow broadcast.

Watch it again!

If you missed tonight's show, you can watch it again on-demand in our WebTV player!