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It's been easy for Iris

17 May 2012 at 15:40 CEST

Before her rehearsal, we caught up with Iris and her backing performers backstage, and took the opportunity to get some photographs.

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Flowers in your hair

For her second rehearsal, Iris was wearing a short white dress, with some small buttons in a vertical line spaced down the front. She wears a top that is trimmed with lace, and lace sleeves. she also had a couple of small flowers on one side of her hair. Her fellow singers are kept in the dark background, leaving the focus very much on Iris.

The LED screens have been kept the same as the first rehearsal. The floor design ends up by showing a floral pattern in the shape of a heart. The presentation has been kept simple and straightforward, without any gimmicks or pyrotechnics, and makes for a pleasant contrast to the more umptempo songs.

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Sing me a song

At the press conference afterwards, Iris was asked what her favourite songs were from this year, aside from her own entry. She proceeded by not only saying which ones, but also gave a short rendition of each song, Russia, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Ireland, and Albania also got a mention for good measure.

Later on she was asked about her favourite ever Belgian entry, and after some thought she opted for Kate Ryan and Je T'adore, the 2006 entry, and she couldn't undertsnad why the song never reached the Final.

She had also enjoyed meeting the other artists at the Euroclub, "we are all one family, and I support every country." Iris had been dancing in the club, and had mixed with the artists from Greece, Malta and Cyprus, "Eurovision is a great thing in my life."

Iris was also asked to perform another song, Safety Net, which was the otehr song that Iris sang in the Belgian selection programme earlier this year.

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