Magdalena Tul - Jestem (Poland 2011)
Magdalena Tul - Jestem (Poland 2011)

It's all white for Poland

Magdalena and her two backing dancers are dressed in white, almost leotard like costumes. The other two dancers are dressed in white jackets and trousers.

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Backstage, Magdalena explains that the costumes are heavier than they appear to the naked eye. She adds:

 "The outfit is so heavy, it weighs six kilogrammes. I can't move as much as I can without it, but I will try, and I think it will be okay in the rehearsal. This is the first time I wear the costume. "I didn't wear it  first time around, I didn't want to get it dirty, since it's very white!."

The Polish team has spent two months perfecting the choreography of Jestem, putting in many hours of practice in the gym and in rehearsals. Their efforts are rewarded, as the culmination of their hard work results in a very professional and slick routine.

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Poland were the first country to give a press conference in the larger, extended press room. 

Early starts for Magdalena

Magdalena  was asked about how popular the Eurovision Song Contest was in Poland at the moment. She replied "When we first took part in 1994, and Edyta Gorniak finished in second place, there was a big interest in Poland. In recent years, it hasn't been so big but we got a lot of support in the Polish national selection, so we hope to change that this year."


Another reference was made today to Magdalena singing in first position in the First Semi-Final, she remarked "I like going first, I was first in the national final in Poland and won, and now i'm pleased to be first here. The only disadvantage with going first is that you have to get up so much earlier than everybody else."

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