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Israel: the boy with the golden shoes is ready to rock Vienna

14 May 2015 at 13:19 CEST
At the tender age of just 16, Nadav Guedj is one of this year's youngest performers. Today he was at the Wiener Stadthalle for the first rehearsal of his up-beat track Golden Boy, which he hopes will bring Israel its first victory since 1998. 

When Nadav Guedj took to the stage it took some time to get used to the positions and ear pieces but pretty soon he and his backing entourage were ready to go. The arena will be in for a right party on the 21st of May when Israel is on!

Plethora of colour

The stage presentation of Golden Boy is quite complex but to great effect. The LED screens display a background of Asian inspired window panes that toggle through different colours.

As the song builds up in tempo, the huge screens at the back of the stage part to reveal an impressive array of spotlights throwing all the colours of the rainbow onto Nadav and his crew as well as into the arena. The stage structure also erupts into an impressive show of colour with an impressive fireworks display throughout the entire performance. 

Gallery: Israel: first rehearsal

The boy with the golden shoes

In the 60th year of the Eurovision Song Contest, it is great to see artists pay homage to the past. On stage in Vienna Nadav was wearing a pair of golden shoes, reminiscent of the Herreys in 1984 who won for Sweden with Diggi-loo Diggi-Ley. Of course, with a title like Golden Boy, why wouldn't you seize that particular opportunity?

Excited for the first rehearsal

As the first act on stage in Vienna today, Nadav Guedj and the rest of the Israeli delegation arrived early at the Wiener Stadthalle to prepare for their rehearsal. Relaxed, yet excited, Nadav was eager to get on stage and strut his stuff. All wearing "Golden Boy" t-shirts, the team were in high spirits. On stage, Nadav will be joined by 5 backing dancers/singers who we met in the Israeli dressing room. 

Gallery: Israel: Nadav Guedj backstage

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