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Israel select entry for Harel Skaat tonight

15 March 2010 at 01:05 CET

The Israeli channel 2 operator Reshet will air the national final this evening. Harel Skaat was asked to be Israel's entrant some months ago, and accepted the challenge with much enthusiasm. Harel first shot to fame when he finished as runner up in the 2004 edition of Kohav Nolad (Pop Idol).

The four songs from which a winner will be chosen are as follows :

  •  Le'an?
  • Elayich 
  • Millim
  • Le'hitkarev 

The 4 songs were selected from dozens of entries, which were submitted to a panel of musicians and specialists, among them managers of broadcaster IBA's radio stations, musician Elly Abramov (Dana International's producer) and the 1979 Eurovision winner Gali Atari. Harel Skaat is said to be very pleased with the standard of songs that were shortlisted.

Harel Skaat has been supported by former Eurovision Song Contest winner Anne Marie David over the past week and during the Miss Israel competition they performed together a duet of her 1973 winner for Luxembourg Tu Te Reconnaitras.

Israel has won Europe's Favourite TV Show on three occasions, with Izhar Cohen & Alphabeta in 1978 and the song Abanibi, Milk & Honey featuring Gali Atari won in 1979 with Hallelujah and most recently Dana International won the 1998 contest in Birmingham with Diva.

Israel will participate in the first part of the Second Semi Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday 27th May.