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Israel reveal details of Kdam 2013

29 January 2013 at 10:06 CET

Kdam 2013, the selection process which will determine the Israeli entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest will comprise of three semi final shows of ten songs, whereby three songs from each semi final will progress to the final.

A second chance competition will then be held between the songs which finished in 4th and 5th position in each of the three semi finals. One song will progress from the second chance competition, therefore making the total number of finalists ten.

Candidates for Kdam 2013 title

The full list of 30 competing songs has been released and a draw is to be made to divide them up in to three semi finals. The full list is as follows:

  • Aderet - Victory 
  • Adi Cezare - Pagia Ve Shavir 
  • Adir Getz - Ha’ikar She Ani Shar 
  • Alon Jan - Live My Life 
  • Bezalel Raviv - No War 
  • Eric Forman - Livin One Time 
  • Hadar Ozeri - Ten Ma Awal 
  • Haia Samir - Am I Happy Or Am I Sad 
  • Hen Cohen - Halev Mevakesh 
  • Hila Ben David - Beautiful 
  • Josh Peretz - My Baby 
  • Julietta – Fantasia 
  • Kathleen Reiter - Ad Elay 
  • Laila Malcos - Bo 
  • Lihi Griner & DJ Omri Segal - Just Like Me 
  • Liran Notik - Give Me A Sign 
  • Love Is One - Love Is One 
  • Meital de Razon - Toda La Noche 
  • Michael Harpaz - Michtav Le Ima 
  • Moran Mazor - Rak Bishvilo 
  • Moran Mazuz - Give Me A Sign 
  • Niki Goldstein - We Are One 
  • Ortal Ofek - Tagid Li Lama 
  • Ran Sandler - Find A Way 
  • Sarit Avitan - Mon Amour 
  • Shani Zamir - Forever 
  • The Ultras - Happy Birthday 
  • Vladi Blayberg - New Day 
  • Yarden Tzur - Replace You 
  • Yehuda Gavra - We’re Beautiful

The semi finals of Kdam 2013 will be held on 24th, 25th and 26th February respectively. The second chance contest will be held on 3rd March with the grand final held on 7th March. During the final a jury will have a 30% say in the overall vote whilst the other 70% of the vote will go to the televoting public.

Israel will participate in the second half of the Second Semi FInal of the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday 16th May 2013.