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Eden Alene will perform Set Me Free for Israel

25 January 2021 at 21:22 CET
Israel's Eurovision 2020 representative Eden Alene Ran Yehezkel
We now have our second song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021! Israel has revealed their choice for Eden Alene in a broadcast showcasing the 3 songs that were in the running. It can now be confirmed that the Israeli artist will perform 'Set Me Free' in May.

The song selection for Israel's Eden Alene started in autumn 2020 when more than 200 songs were submitted to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest. A professional committee chose just 9 songs from the submissions which were then uploaded to a digital platform for people to vote for their preference. Anyone could vote and they had the choice of selecting one or two of the songs as their favourites.

Once the voting was complete, the following 3 songs were the most popular and went straight to the Final:

  • La La Love (17,2% - 2nd)
  • Set Me Free (71,3% - 1st)
  • Ue La La (11,5% - 3rd)

Prior to the show, viewers were again able to vote for their favourite song via the KAN app. In the end, Set Me Free received the most votes and will therefore be the song that Eden Alene will perform in May for Israel.

About Eden Alene

Eden Alene was born in Jerusalem and both her parents hail from Ethiopia. After studying ballet for 11 years, Eden started taking vocal training lessons and soon after she decided to pursue a career in music. While living in Jerusalem as a teenager, Eden joined a choir of young adults from all different backgrounds who came together to show the potential music has to bring people together.

Israel's Eurovision 2021 representative Eden Alene Ran Yehezkel

Eden takes inspiration from many different styles and genres of music, including Arabic folk music, Gospel and Opera. her eclectic style was highlighted in her Eurovision 2020 entry Feker Libi which included many genres and languages all in the one song.

Israeli viewers might know Eden from the talent show X factor where she auditioned with the song Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. She won the show in 2018. Today, Eden serves in the military as a singer in a band and splits her time between performances in the army, both in Israel and abroad.

What do you think of Eden's Eurovision 2021 song?