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Israel: Nadav pumped and ready to go

16 May 2015 at 16:36 CEST
Nadav Guedj on stage in Vienna EBU / Elena Volotova
Nadav Guedj from Israel came back to the Wiener Stadthalle today for his second rehearsal of his upbeat number, Golden Boy. Enthusiastic and colourful, his performance promises to start a party in the arena. 

Before going on stage for his second rehearsal, the entire Israeli delegation psyched themselves up by standing in a circle, holding and hands and cheering themselves on. They were ready to give it their all on stage today, in order to help prepare to grab one of the coveted spots in the Grand Final. 

"Let me show you Tel Aviv!"

These lyrics have become famous in Eurovision Song Contest circles and it is no secret that whenever the song is being performed at least a few people will be dancing a long, even during the rehearsals. 

On stage, Nadav appeared a lot more confident than during the previous rehearsal. The choreography was much better refined and the camera work was further fine-tuned to achieve the desired effect.

One of the highlights of the stage presentation is how the back wall opens to reveal the circle of powerful LED spot lights that toggle through different colours to the upbeat nature of the song. 

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"Music, music and party!"

The Israeli press conference began with its postcard for Vienna which involved Nadav spray painting a cable car at an Austrian ski resort with the country's very own version of Batman! 

To start the conference the delegation all raised a glass in a toast saying "L'chaim", which means "cheers!" in Hebrew. 

A Norwegian journalist commented on how an LGBT flag appeared in the preview video, asking how important it is to have gay fans, "I am super happy that gay people love me, the same as straight people... People are people. I'm super happy!"

Nadav was also asked by an Austrian journalist about his plans for the future to which he said, "yes, I have plans for the future but right now I am concentrating on music, music and party!"

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