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Kobi is 'Home' for first rehearsal in Tel Aviv

10 May 2019 at 16:13 CEST
Israel 2019 first rehearsal Andres Putting
Kobi Marimi has completed Israel's first rehearsal. His entry 'Home' was written especially for him after winning the right to sing for Israel on the national final 'Rising Star' earlier this year. Kobi's first rehearsal was clearly an emotional experience as he becomes the first Israeli entrant to perform on home ground since Eden in 1999.

Kobi Marimi will take to the stage 14th in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest at Expo Tel Aviv in Israel. As the Host Country, Kobi's starting position was determined by a draw at the Heads of Delegation meeting back in March. The rest of the pre-qualified finalists will draw a first half or second half position in the running order this Sunday.

27-year-old Kobi Marimi was born in Ramat Gan, Israel and started singing at the age of 13. After graduating from high school, majoring in theatre, he followed his passion for the stage and studied in an acting studio, for 3 years trying to build the confidence he felt he was lacking. He got much more than that; Kobi lost more than 50 kilos, starred in several plays and even won a 'Promise of the Year' award for his achievements

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What happens on stage?

The song opens to string orchestral notes with a rearranged musical backing track. Kobi Marimi starts alone on stage in front of 6 large vertical screens before 5 backing singers appear from behind them. Close-up video and still shots of a singing Kobi appear on the screens as Home progresses. The screens also create frames for the backing singers to perform in front of. A waterfall of fire falls across the back of the stage as Kobi ends the emotional performance standing in the middle of the audience.

Kobi performs wearing a black tuxedo and a black velvet waistcoat with silver bow tie and pocket-watch chain as he performs the song. His backing vocalists are dressed in black-tie outfits with white shirts and black cocktail dresses.

Do you think Kobi can make it 2 wins in a row for Israel at the Grand Final? Let us know in the comments!