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Isn't it crazy asks Robin Stjernberg

15 May 2013 at 15:40 CEST

Backstage, their Head of Delegation, Rennie Mirro, explained that they "needed bigger changes, with the back projections and the pyro effects, and the coordination between the pictures and the choreography, to tighten it all up, we have great hopes for today, and Robin is in fantastic shape."

Robin was one of the artists who was able to enjoy the atmosphere last night of the First Semi-Final, without having the pressure of having to perform.

"It was really nice and special for all of us, we got to sit next to Bonnie Tyler, and she is really humble and people really appreciated that." continued.

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Robin is wearing a beige and grey outfit and his backing performers wear loose fitting white and grey outfits, and with three run throughs of the song this afternoon, of an energetic performance, they were somewhat glowing afterwards.

You finishes with waterfall pyros, and with perfect timing, as the last pyros burn out, the lighting has all the performers silhouetted on stage.

Press Conference

At the press conference following his rehearsal, Robin Stjernberg didn't have to make any draw. It has already been determined that Sweden will perform in position number 16 in the Grand Final.

This allowed the press to focus on Robin himself and his rehearsal, He was very happy with the way things had gone, and was very excited about being on the stage, although he felt he needs to work a little bit more on the camera angles, but he was having fun on stage.

He was complimented about his costume, and in an unfortunate slip of the tongue, he said he felt like a princess...before rapidly changing it to prince, but by then the press and fans were already in fits of laughter, and he knew that his error would be reported, but everything during the press conference was done with good humour.

He wasn't the only one to make an error, the moderator thought he was still a wrestler, and another journalist had thought he had previously represented Norway in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The comment about him being a wrestler was a lead into the fact that Robin keeps very fit and in shape. He puts being in shape now down to diet and eating healthily, unlike his younger days when he was studying and lived on a diet of chips, which was all he could afford then. But nowadays he feels keeping fit makes him confident inside whilst he is performing.

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Robin secured his place in the contest having come via the second chance round in the Swedish selection, and he admitted that he had been somewhat slow in his reactions on the big night when he discovered he had won.

Robin was keen to promote the fact that he will be touring and releasing his new album immmediately following the Eurovision Song Contest, describing that "the album will be awesome" and "I want to be freaky".

He is very grateful to his family for the support they have given to him over the years, from driving him around, to helping him sending in demos, and that they can get quite emotional when he performs.

One thing is for sure, Robin Stjernberg will receive great support in the arena on Saturday night from the home crowd.