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Isis Gee to represent Poland in Serbia

23 February 2008 at 23:47 CET

Polish television had accepted songs from all over Europe, so it was no surprise to see some Swedish songwriters and singers among the twelve songs in the final. Ten of the songs were chosen from the open competition, and Polish TV had decided to give two wildcards to Izabela Kopec and to Natasza Urbanszka. However, the televoters and the jury were most impressed with Isis Gee. Her song For life is a tender ballad and the American-born singer will certainly impress big parts of the European TV audience in May! 

 The 12 finalists

  1. Kasia Nova - The Devil 1 point
  2. Edi Ann - Lovin' U 12 points
  3. Izabela Kopec- You've Got My Love 10 points
  4. Starnawki & Urban Noiz - It's Not A Game 5 points
  5. Queens - I Say My Body 0 points
  6. Isis Gee - For Life 24 points
  7. Man Meadow - Viva La Musica 12 points
  8. Afromental - Thing We've Got 7 points
  9. Plastic - Do Something 12 points
  10. Sandra Oxenryd - Superhero 9 points
  11. Natasza Urbanska - Blow Up 15 points
  12. Margo - Dlatego Walcz 9 points

 The Polish winner was decided by both televote and a jury, weighed each with 50%. Poland will compete in the first Semi-Final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest on 20th May.