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Is it time for the Belarusian duo?

15 May 2015 at 18:15 CEST
Uzari & Maimuna performed their song 'Time' for Belarus in 2015 EBU
Uzari&Maimuna from Belarus have their second rehearsal on stage at the Wiener Stadthalle. Uzlari is the vocalist, and Maimuna is the violinist. If the duo are looking for a lucky omen, then think back to the last Belarusian who won the contest playing a violin? That was Alexander Rybak who won the contest for Norway in 2009 with Fairytale.


Uzari&Maimuna will be hoping for their own fairytale result this year, with their song Time. 

"I've been trying for so long"

As well as being a line from the song, it could also sum up the feelings of the composer (and performer) Uzari.

He has been on the Eurovision stage before, as a backing vocalist in 2011, and since then has competed several times in the Belarus national selection contest, as well as co-writing a song for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

"Now I'm willing to fight"

Another line could be said to apply to Maimuna. She is also known as 'The First Violin of Belarus", and is constantly looking for new challenges and will be hoping to add to her achievements here in Vienna.

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At the short press conference after their rehearsal, the duo were asked how they met? Maimuna replied in excellent English, that she had seen Uzari in different concerts, and liked his style and voice, and wanted to make some pieces with him. "I was a big fan of the contest and I needed a beautiful voice...and I found it!"

"I like music, chocolate and Maimuna!"

Uzari was equal in his praise for Maimuna, and said "she is my sky, and I am flying." He also added "I like music, chocolate and Maimuna!"

The duo were also asked about their impressions of Vienna? They had visited the city before in order to record their postcards, and thought it was one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


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What do you think of the Belarusian song Time?