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Is it the United Kingdom's time?

09 May 2009 at 18:08 CEST

The set looks very impressive for the United Kingdom performance. There is a white piano on stage, which it is believed Andrew Lloyd Webber will be playing during the Final, although he wasn't present for the rehearsal today. Four violinists, two dressed all in white and two in black with white shirts.


There is a small staircase in the middle of the stage, which Jade begins the performance from together with the four violinists. Smoke is raising from the floor The violinists remain there for the duration of the song while Jade moves around the stage. The LED displays have white chandeliers and the whole visual effect is very classical. The performances were vocally strong and Jade received a big reception from the press and fans watching the rehearsal.

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At the press conference, Jade was asked about the new rules and the fact that a professional jury will have a say in the outcome. Jade says "Some of my biggest idols like Celine Dion started with the contest so i'm very proud to represent my country. I would have still participated whether therewere juries or not. There is a pressure because of Andrew writing the song, but I put myself under the most pressure, as long as I can please myself I hope that i'll please everyone else."

Jade was asked about her promotional work before arriving in  Moscow. She adds" I really enjoyed going on the Jonathan Ross programme as I always watched him. I enjoyed Barcelona as the food was great! But Moscow I think is my favourite of all of them."

Jade confirmed that Andrew Lloyd Webber will definitely join her on stage during the Final. Her dress has been designed by Amanda Wakeley a British designer who has desgined dresses for Princess Diana and Leona Lewis.

Competition wise, Jade rates Spain's Soraya as one of her main threats to win the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as Chiara from Malta and Alexander Rybak from Norway.

Jade ended the press conference by saying she will release her first album in September, and make some songwriting trips to Los Angeles.

Jade Ewen is regarded one of the most promising vocalists the UK has produced in years. With the technical prowess of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey , the classical timelessness of Diana Ross and the eternal cool of Donna Summer, Jade’s forthcoming solo album will deliver classic pop ballads with edgy electro R&B. 

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Her song in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest My Time has been penned by the legend Andrew Lloyd-Webber who is the composer of e.g. Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Cats, Starlight Express, The Phantom Of The Opera, Aspects Of Love, Sunset Boulevard, Whistle Down The Wind, The Beautiful Game and The Woman In White. He also composed the film scores of Gumshoe and The Odessa File, and a setting of the Latin Requiem Mass Requiem.