Ireland's quiff invasion!

The Irish twins Jedward took the stage by storm so extremely up-beat that they decided to run and jump all around it even before getting their mics. So big is their excitement to finally rehearse at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest stage. "We're totally ready for this, we wanna make it amazing and bring it to the next level!"

About the costumes they wore at the rehearsal they mentioned "we're not just wearing this clothing style for today, it's our everyday outfit. It's Michael Jackson like", so it's not likely that those would be the final stage clothes. We could witness some red sequence jackets with huge shoulder pads being shown around.

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Jedward believe the exposure at the Eurovision Song Contest is massive. "There are so much people watching. We met Katy Perry, and she thought that it was a big deal to be here. It's a bigger platform than being in the MTV Music Awards," they tell, breathlessly.

 When people at home are watching they will go like 'wow, what's happening!?'

Some things have changed in their stage show and they want to make an impression with it: "The one we did for the national selections wasn't as extravagant, but now it's totally all-out, in-your-face crazy. We have a really good vibe and energy on stage".

Jedward's first press conference...ever!

It was clear that the Irish press conference would start with some questions about their hair and how they were taking care of it. They wanted to stress that it could be much higher but "the other day we got a haircut". To make sure that it will be fit for the live shows "we pack a lot of hairspray for two weeks".

One journalist mentioned to Jedward that they were not the only pair twins in the competition, referring to the Slovak act, TWiiNS. Would they make a double couple with them? The Slovak girls think Jedward (19) are too young for them. "It doesn't matter to us, we like Britney Spears and Katy Perry who are older than us, but we could be friends in they want". 

Jedward never had a press conference before, and for John it was a strange situation: "I feel like I'm a teacher and you are my pupils" and pointing to his brother he taught his first lesson "1+1=2".

 We got the attitude to do well at Eurovision and make Ireland proud

They explained that they're not totally mainstream popular artists but that they have their fans and over 100 of them are coming to watch them in Düsseldorf and if we're to believe in omens: "we're performing 19th in the 2nd semi final; we are two and 19 years old".

Where's all that energy coming from? "We don't know... Our star sign is libra. We eat lots of fruits, we drink loads of water, maybe we get our energy from there. But we can't stop, we're hard workers". Do they really never stop? "Oh yes, we do, we know how to behave and we have to go to the cinema and stuff".

John and Edward are identical twins, but they shared some formulas to distinguish them. Among other things John has a scar on his nose caused by playing hurling and Edward has a little one on his upper lip because he fell off his bike.

The last press conference of the day was put to an end with a capella version of their song Lipstick.

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Jedward reveal that they are following closely. And it's not just for amusement, they actually use it as a tactical tool for the competition.

"We love how you guys have all the videos, all the latest things! It's a place for spying on people and checking what everyone else are doing. We go in there and see what all the other countries are up to and say that we have to do the same thing. We've also realised that everyone's copying our haircut! But they can't get it right up like us – and we can go even higher than today, we got a haircut just three days ago".

However, in the pictures for their accreditation badges, the guys wear a low haircut. They claim they had a bad hair day for the photos, taking great pride in their blond quiffs. "It's not just a hair, it's a statement. – Gravity's trying to push us down, but it can't, because our hair is standing. It's always flying free".

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