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Ireland pick Jedward to carry their flag

12 February 2011 at 01:40 CET

For the first time, the broadcaster decided to use five music professionals with a proven experience in the industry, in their national selection, called mentors. Read more about the Irish mentors in our article.

They had the opportunity and task to pick the artists andthe songs they would believe could be potential Eurovision Song Contest winners. So they did!

The five acts which competed tonight for the ticket to Düsseldorf were Don Mescall with Talking With Jennifer, Jedward with Lipstick, Bling with the song Shine On, The Vard Sisters and their Send Me An Angel and Nikki Kavanagh with her Falling.

 You can watch the show once more in our Web TV!


The show started with a performance by Niamh Kavanagh of her 1993 winning song In Your Eyes, followed by the five competing act. Just before the studio experts were invited to speak out about their personal favourites and expectation on who would win win, the viewers were treated with Bicks Fizz performing their 1981 Eurovision Song Contest winner for the United Kingdom Making Your Mind Up.

In the end it was up for the jury and the viewers to give their votes and this is what they decided - it was Jedward to win with 98 points, followed with only two points difference by Nikki Kavanagh (96 points), Don Mescall (68 points), The Vard Sisters (54 points) and Bling (44 points). Congratulations!

The entire show is available to enjoy over and over again in our Web TV player.

About the winner

The most talked about participant in the Irish selection are the twin brothers, John and Edward Grimes aka Jedward. The duo shot to stardom after taking part in the United Kingdom X-factor show. 

 "I chose Jedward as my Eurosong act as I wanted to bring energy and fun to the competition and believe the rest of Europe will love them." - Caroline Downey-Desmond


Despite finishing only sixth in the idol search, they've managed to become hugely popular in Ireland, currently embarking on their first ever 75-already-sold-out-date solo tour.  They've also released a debut album and three singles so far.

Check out the gallery of the Irish finalists below!

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Last year, the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest winner, Niamh Kavanagh, represented her homeland once again. This time she ended up qualifying for the Final and placing 23rd with the song It's For You