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Ireland is up! Sarah McTernan is next on the rehearsal stage

06 May 2019 at 10:45 CEST
Ireland 2019 first rehearsal Andres Putting
Ireland's Sarah McTernan debuted her Eurovision entry '22' in a refreshed colour-pop performance that matches the young feel of the song. With moving diner props and background dancers that double as friends sharing gossip around a table, the performance is soaked in youthful enthusiasm.

In keeping with the name of her song, Sarah McTernan will take to the stage 2nd in the 2nd Semi-Final on Thursday 16 May at Expo Tel Aviv in Israel.

Sarah was born on 11 March 1994 and is an Irish singer-songwriter from Scariff, County Clare. She came third in the series 4 of 'The Voice of Ireland' in April 2015. At her blind audition she sang Who You Are and all 4 judges turned their chairs. Her coach and mentor was Rachel Stevens of S Club 7 fame.

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What happens on stage?

Filmed on Dollymount Strand, the official video for 22 is bursting with fresh pastel colours and a natural ocean backdrop. On stage, Sarah took a very different approach using classic comic-inspired colours and background images in Ben-Day dots, paired with diner-inspired props. Joined by two backing dancers dressed in 60s outfits, Ireland gives the audience a fresh way to enjoy the coming-of-age story in Tel Aviv.

Sarah is a mom to a young daughter named Mia, who also loves to sing. As she began preparations for her time in Tel Aviv, she shared some excitement about her song: "I canโ€™t wait to teach my biggest fan โ€“ my 2 ยฝ year old daughter Mia - all the lyrics to 22!"

Did you know?

Our Presenting Partner MyHeritage discovered through DNA research that Sarah McTernan is 94.4% Irish-Celtic in her ancestry but is also 2.9% Balkan and 2.7% West Asian!

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Ireland holds the record for the most Eurovision Song Contest victories, having won 7 times. Do you think Sarah will help Ireland take number 8?