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Ira meets Iveta on promotional tour

15 April 2016 at 20:00 CEST
During her pan-European promo tour, Maltese representative Ira Losco has visited Armenia these days. She has seen the main tourist spots of Garni and Geghard, and spent a great time with the Armenian representative in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, Iveta Mukuchyan. Check out our photo gallery!

"I had such a great time in Moscow’s pre-party. This is where I met Iveta", Ira Losco explains. "I was seeing her for the first time, but as soon as we started talking, it seemed like we knew each other for many years. She is such a nice person - open-hearted and kind. To be honest, I didn't think we would get so close in such a short time. But we share a lot of personal qualities and interests, so we instantly got along."

Iveta Mukuchyan agrees and adds: "I was so excited to see Ira in Armenia. We first met each other during the pre-party in Moscow and have been good friends ever since. She's such an amazing person. Beautiful, talented, strong. I truly admire her and the work she's doing as an artist. It was so much fun to chill with Ira and share with her my country's culture and traditions."

Gallery: Malta meets Armenia: Ira Losco and Iveta Mukuchyan in Garni and Geghard

After visiting the ancient sites of Garni and Geghard as well as the capital city Yerevan, Ira says: "My visit to Armenia was fascinating. I loved the country, its rich culture, ethnic cuisine, the beautiful nature and of course the people, who were very kind and hospitable. I had a wonderful time."