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Interview: Morena follow up chat

16 May 2008 at 16:58 CEST interviewed Morena after her victory in the national selection, an article which can be found in the interview section of the site. Today Glen Webb caught up with Morena to discuss what she has been doing since her victory.

We spoke after your victory in the Malta Song For Europe, can you tell us a little of what you have been doing during the last months before arriving in Belgrade?

Morena: "We did a promotional tour, but this year it was cut down a little bit. I visited Ukraine, Latvia and England. It was very nice, people loved the song, but that doesn't mean that they will give us 12 points though!. I was really very happy with the fans reaction particularly at the London party, they knew the song by heart and gave me a great reaction. I also have been working on a new album, my first solo album. We haven't had much time for that though with the Eurovision Song Contest. It will be released in Malta and hopefully elsewhere too."

What have been your first impressions of Belgrade as a city, and of the stage you will be performing on?

Morena: "We have been in Belgrade for four days, it's beautiful here. I'm very impressed, I never realised Serbia was such a beautiful country. The stage is great, we are very happy with that, we will make some minor changes for the next rehearsal, nothing too drastic though, i'm not going to fly on the stage or anything like that."

We noticed that you had special shoes during your performance, which appeared at first to be covered in glitter. We know this is not the case now, can you explain what exactly you are wearing?

Morena: "They are actually mirrors on the shoes, this was designed by our lyricist Gerard James Borg. This fits with the spy theme within the song!"

How has the reaction been to your song in Malta? Do you have the support of the people back home?

Morena: "The people really loved the song. In Malta they usually like to send a ballad, we never had this type of song before. It's something completely different and the people in Malta seem to really appreciate that."

Are you a vodka drinking girl yourself?

Morena: "No, not at all! I am not a drinker. And the song itself is actually about the spying and Vodka being the password, so it's not really related to the drinking!"

Finally, it is well publicised that you are a self confessed Eurovision Song Contest fan, if you can put your fans head on for a moment, what would be your personal favourite of the competing songs this year?

Morena: "Well, this year it's quite open, a lot of different styles. I usually actually mark the songs each year and say which ones I think will go through. I have quite strange taste in music, and this year the one I really like is Finland." would like to thank Morena for her time with the interview. Check out Morena's message to her fans on the YouTube clip below.