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Interview: talks to Sirusho

17 May 2008 at 20:17 CEST

This year will mark the third time that Armenia participates in the Eurovision Song Contest. So far, Armenia has always reached the eighth place. What result are you aiming at?

Sirusho: "Right now, we think that we have already won because our song is considered one of the favourites. Whatever happens now is God's will, and we will be thankful for it. If I could get my country a higher place than eighth, it would be great, but we will just enjoy our time on stage and do our best."

How do you judge your stage performance in the second rehearsal yourself? Are you satisfied with everything, and do you intend to make any changes for the Semi-Final?

Sirusho: "Before my arrival in Serbia, I was so much more concerned to do the right things on stage. But now that I am here, it's so much better because me and my dancers are just happy to be on stage. If we make a mistake or start laughing, it will be just like that. We are honest with the stage, and we're loving it at this moment."

Your song Qele, Qele was selected in a national final, where you performed four songs and the public decided which one should be your entry for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. Which one of the four songs was your personal favourite and why?

Sirusho: "I liked all four songs. I have taken part in the creation of all four of them, as I have written the lyrics and I participated in composing the music as well. But I was very happy for Qele, Qele, as it was my idea to have the Armenian part in the beginning. Every time I perform it on stage, it gives me this power that I can't explain."

Was writing the lyrics for the four preselection songs your first experience as a lyricist? And can you explain the idea behind the lyrics of Qele, Qele?

Sirusho: "With the lyrics, I didn't want to pressure it too much. I just wanted to create a song that takes you away from your daily worries, so I tried to make the lyrics as easy and memorable as possible. If you look at the other lyrics I wrote, you'll see that there not very similar to Qele, Qele. I wanted to make something easy and catchy which is suited for the Eurovision Song Contest. There is too much to worry about in the world today, so I just wanted to distract everyone from that fact for three minutes."

You have accompanied and supported Andre, the Armenian representative, at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens. Why did you go there with him, and what experiences did you get there?

Sirusho: "I wanted to experience what it's like to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. But now that I am here, I realized that it is totally different than it was back then. When I was with Andre, I was much more nervous, as I was worried about my friend and my country. Now, I know that it all depends on me. By the way, both Andre and Hayko, our two former representatives in the Eurovision Song Contest, are here to support me!"

Your parents are both well-known artists in Armenia, too. How did this fact influence your life and your career?

Sirusho: "I have seen the way the work since I was a baby. That has meant so much to me, as, by looking at them, I learned so much. They never actually told me anything about performing on stage. They showed me that, if you love what you're doing, and if you're serious about it, people will love you and your work as well. That's really something I am looking up to."

You went on an extensive promotional tour before the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. How did this help you to prepare you for the competition?

Sirusho: "All the support, all the kindness that we received, all the people who would come up to us to tell us that they love our song and that they were wishing us luck - that was the greatest preparation, I think. They already made me feel confident by saying, no matter what happens, they would still love our song. That really gave me strength. I had been to most countries before, giving solo concerts for the Armenian population. It was great to go back, to see the Armenians again, to meet new people who are not from Armenia. They were so nice to us - it was great!"

At this moment, Armenia is one of the favourites with the bookmakers. Does this fact put some extra pressure on you, or does it make you more confident?

Sirusho: "I don't even want to think about that, because I remeber something that happened in 2006: Kate Ryan was leading according to many predictions and odds, but in the end, she didn't even qualify for the final. I don't know what happened - maybe nobody voted for her because everyone thought she would make it to the final anyway? She had a great song, and she had all that the Eurovision Song Contest actually needs. That's why I don't even want to think about that."

There are many Armenians living all accross Europe, in various countries. Did you encourage them in any way to vote for you on the Semi-Final night?

Sirusho: "I have grown up in front of their eyes. They have seen me since I was very little. They have followed my career from the first time I entered the stage, they have given me my awards. Now that I entered the Eurovision Song Contest stage, I have seen that I have relatives not only among Armenians, but also among Europeans, who share the same feelings and the same passion for my song. I will just sing for all of them, and I love them the way they are!"

What can we expect in case Armenia wins the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest? Is Yerevan ready to host it next year? How would you encourage people to come to Armenia?

Sirusho: "I cannot explain what that would mean for my country because. If there is one country where Eurovision Song Contest is a national celebration, it's Armenia! We put too much hope in it. We feel like this an occasion where we can be appreciated. Winning would be the greatest gift for me and my country." thanks Sirusho for this interview and wishes her the best of luck for her participation in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest!