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Interview: meets Verka Serduchka

21 May 2008 at 13:00 CEST

Miss Serduchka, not just Ukraine but the whole Europe are dealing with the same global problem: why are you still single? You are such a beautiful woman, but we only see you around alone.

Serduchka: "I am not really single! I'm married… with art. Have I hit the target? Is it a bull's eye?"  

Why do you always travel with your mama only? Where is your father?

Serduchka: "You should ask my mother about this thing! I didn't take part in the mating process - I am only the product of my mother's imagination. Please, ask my mother - the question goes to my mother! Who is he?"

Mother: "Well, we are still in search of him. The matter is, I'm a bit confused. But I guess, the paternity test will reveal who is our father."

Serduchka: "The reason why my father is still unknown is: when my mother was drying some crackers, while preparing crackers, she fell from the ladder…"

Mother (interrupting her daughter): "What has the ladder to do with it?"

Serduchka: "Shut up! When she was drying some crackers, she fell from the ladder, and since that time, she doesn't remember who was my father exactly. She supposes now that the eloped father was either marshal Zhukov or Hitler, or maybe, Yuri Gagarin. Nobody knows yet. Right! But I can feel, I just have an inner voice, that my father was a very odd and unusual man. I also might be scientist Korolev's daughter, it fits my career and my character. I think he had the opportunity to do it with my mother in a certain moment."

Mother: "We are about to find out soon!"

Serduchka: "Yes, we are. The most interesting point is: at Christmas time, when all the kids were wearing Petrushka or Snowflake costumes, my friend Lena and me preferred Belka and Strelka costumes - you know, those dogs in space. You know the story, don't you? It was not Gagarin, who was the first to see the Earth from space, but two dogs. Listen to the story, two dogs whose names were Belka and Strelka have been sent there (she points her finger up) as experimental animals. They came back. It was me who acted like those dogs then. I enjoyed playing Belka and Strelka in space. Well, I see, the story is not clear."

You started your career playing very funny sketches. I remember you as a conductor on stage. After some time you moved on to a musical career, although you were very famous as an actor already. Why have you changed your style?

Serduchka: "'Cause of money. It brings more money. Honestly. Yesterday I was with my mama in Munich and we discussed the point of my comeback to the Eurovision Song Contest next year. We will take part in it. It looks like the Olympic games here, just with a different name, Eurovision. I didn't manage to grab the trophy last year, although I wanted it, just a little, but.. (she clicks her tongue, showing negative gestures with her hands)"

It means you will come again to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Serduchka: "Why not. It might be a bit immodest to say it, but it's a bit boring without me here. Exactly."

Mother: "'Cause you are my superstar!"

Serduchka: "Mama, stop it (ashamed)! There is no shining sun here without me. Have you ever thought about why I have this star on my head? (points to her head) Ha? There is enough of everything here, only my star is missing. It's like a beach without sun. Just like a barn. Who wants to get a tan in a barn? It wouldn't look nice."

Your last CD Dancing Europe was only released on the French market. Could you explain that fact?

Serduchka: "It happened because we were in a big hurry. This album has turned not really the best one, 'cause it was to be made very quickly. You can compare its production with the following situation: you've got some unexpected guests and there is actually nothing in your fridge besides two eggs and two olives in a glass. If you have no vodka for your guests either, it will not turn out well. My new album, which is going to be released in May, is called Do Re Mi. Is it clear what the title means? It means do re mi. Musical notes. A very international title. I've presented one of my new songs at the Ukrainian party today. I've written it in French for the first time and then decided to sing it in Russian."

Will your album be released only in Ukraine or also abroad?

Serduchka: "It will be released in Ukraine and in Russia, and in Europe later."

You've arrived in Belgrade to support Ani Lorak. Why? Can you say something about your impressions here?

Serduchka: "It would have been strange if I'd come to support Andorra which gave no vote for me last year. No, it was Albania!"

Mother: "Andorra has given twelve."

Serduchka: "Andorra? (deliberating) Yes, it was Andorra. Don't think I'm offended because of it. No, not a bit. The country is so tiny that its inhabitants have no clue about the mistake in their decision. No feelings about what they had done. It happens, it happens very often. But it will gnaw at their conscience until they recognize their mistake. I hope they will not go nuts. Well, I've really come to support Ani Lorak. I do it for only one reason, because she is an innocent girl. Eurovision is a hidden war where everybody's pulling the blanket to his side. Everybody wants to be better, which is right in principle, isn't it? Well, tell me, do you want to be better? Yes? Do you? No, I want to be the worst one (in an ascending voice). You don't have a mental handicap to say that, do you? Everybody wants to be the best one. I've come to support my colleague, my… I… (harrumphs)… wanted to say roommate. Yes, my musical sister. It's hard for her at the moment to be here all alone. She is so fragile and little. A lot of people know me here. And if they know me, they should meet little Ani. I have to help her. I've heard such a phrase recently. As brilliant as it is simple. You can distribute it all over Europe. Ask me: What is the sense of human life?"  

What is the sense of life?

Serduchka: "It is to make your neighbour's life easier. You shall love your neighbour as yourself. You will get the help back later. There are so many grasping and self-serving people. So many. It doesn't matter where: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Finland, Sweden or Greenland or anywhere. There are just a lot of incorrect people. But there are good ones, much more. (crying together with her mother and backing dancers) "

Thank you for the interview.

Serduchka: "Have I done it well?" thanks Verka Serduchka and her mother for this interview, and confirms that she did it very well.