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Interview: meets Tereza

16 May 2008 at 02:15 CEST

Hello Tereza, according to your biography, you started singing at quite a young age, and have also been a successful dancer. Could you give a brief overview of how your career has developed through the years?. 

Tereza :  "I started to sing when i was eight years old, with my father as he is a singer too. I worked with him on the ocean liner ships, singing some evergreen songs. I was part of a tap dancing group, we were six times Czech champions, then champions of Europe, and made fourth place in the World championships. I then joined a girl group called Black Milk, we made R&B,soul and pop music. After that I started my solo career and now have two CD's, the last one has the title song Have Some Fun, which is our participating song here in Belgrade."

You enjoyed success with the group Black Milk, how difficult was the decision to break from that success and pursue a solo career?

Tereza: "I decided to go solo as there were two other girls in the group, we had some relationship problems, so I felt that the right way forward was to start a solo career and make the music I like and want. I chose new people to work with and now I am very satisfied."

Your song title in the Eurovision Song Contest is Have Some Fun. When you are not performing or singing, how do you like to have fun yourself?

Tereza: "Well, although music is the biggest part of my life, when I have some spare time I enjoy going to the cinema as I like films. I also enjoy staying at home and resting, seeing my friends and going to parties, that kind of thing."

The Czech Republic is a very new nation in terms of the Eurovision Song Contest, this being only the second time you are participating. After the bad result last year, what was the reaction of the public and indeed the general perception of the contest back in the Czech Republic?  

Tereza: "Last year, everything was new. We didn't know much about the Eurovision Song Contest at all. The music we sent last year was not really in the right style for this contest. The fact that we finished in last place in the Semi-Final was not good for confidence. This year, Czech Television has turned things around, the national selection contained more pop and commercial songs. We worked hard with the promotion and choreography this year. We're not an established nation yet, we don't have a tradition. First thing we need to do is find more viewers. It takes some time."

What have you done since winning the national selection in the Czech Republic? Did you promote your song in any other countries?

Tereza: "We went to Ukraine, Latvia, Malta, Belgium and Slovenia, and as I said we spent more time preparing choreography, the show, thinking of what we want on stage in Belgrade. We made a special CD with the radio version of Have Some Fun for Czech Radio, a Eurovision Song Contest version, remixes and a video clip. We also have some special Czech presents for the press and fans. So we havebeen quite busy in the last months."

What are your first impressions of Belgrade so far? Have you had any opportunity to see any of the sights? How did you find the stage and first rehearsal?

Tereza: "It's a very nice city. The weather is great. We were in the centre, and went to the main street. We had a very good meal in the restaurant. The people here are very friendly. The stage is nice and big, we are very glad to be here. Our first rehearsal was really good, we will change some things like the background, and some pyrotechnics. We are really looking forward to the Semi-Finals."

Finally Tereza, what are your expectations for the Eurovision Song Contest? Do you have a set position in mind that you would consider to be a success? And whatever happens here, what are your plans after your Belgrade experience?

Tereza: "I think it would be successful for us to be in the final. I hope that the people of Europe will enjoy my song and show. I have no big aim. I can only hope that people will vote for me. As for afterwards, I have a lot of concerts in the Czech Republic for the rest of 2008, and some other singing projects too so I will be busy." would like to thank both Tereza and Head of Delegation Katerina Bila for the interview and wish the Czech Republic the best of luck for the Semi-Final. Check out the YouTube clip below to see an impromptu performance from Tereza and her backing singers after the interview.