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Interview: meets Rodolfo

23 May 2008 at 17:02 CEST Hello Rodolfo, we understand that you are originally from Argentina. What is your background musically and when exactly did you move to Spain?

Rodolfo: "Yes, I was originally born in Argentina. I moved to Spain when I was 27 years old. Before coming to the Eurovision Song Contest, I was playing in a cafe bar in Spain. We always had the same audience though, which was my family and four friends!" : What was the inspiration and idea behind the song Baila El Chiki Chiki

Rodolfo: "I wrote the song Chiki Chiki especially for people to enjoy, that's all. I want people to enjoy it, to sing along with it, to dance along with it, and to make the same dancing moves during the refrain." You had to change the lyrics to your song, and in some reports it was suggested that certain elements of your song could be classed as derogatory to women, and that was the reason for the change for the Eurovision Song Contest. What are the actual facts behind this?  

Rodolfo: "We did have to change the lyrics of the song, but not for the reason you mentioned. That is not true, the only comment about women in the song is the part where it says the woman dances with her panties in her hands! The reason we had to make ssome changes to the lyrics were political. We were not allowed to use the names of Spanish politicians during the song, because of the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest not allowing it." There has been a mixed reaction to your victory in Spain in the national selection. You have enjoyed a huge wave of public support, however the Spanish Eurovision Song Contest fans have not supported you in general. How does this make you feel?

Rodolfo: "When I won this year in Spain, the people voted for me. In the beginning the fans in Spain were angry at my victory, they felt that other artists deserved to win, as they had more serious songs. Gradually, they have come around to accepting the peoples vote, and now I am enjoying more support from the people, the fans. I feel that the Spanish people are more behind me now." You have had a number of days with no rehearsal commitments here in Belgrade. What have you spent those days doing?

Rodolfo: "We took the chance to go to the centre of the city. It's a very nice place here. One night we went to a restaurant in the Zemun area, near the Danube river. We had a great time there eating and drinking a lot. We drank the famous Serbian drink Rakija. We also took a boat trip along the Sava and Danube rivers. I have to also say to everyone, I didn't drink the Rakija to get drunk or anything like that, the people serving it told me that it would be very good for my voice, and the more I drank it would help me sing better, that's why I enjoyed a lot of them!" What will the Eurovision Song Contest experience do for your career back in Spain? What will you work on after your Belgrade adventure?

Rodolfo: "I think that after the Eurovision Song Contest, I will be back in the cafe and singing for my family and four friends again like I was before!" would like to thank Rodolfo Chikilicuatre for the interview. Check out the YouTube video of Rodolfo below, where he sings and gives a special performance on his guitar!.