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Interview : meets Pirates

06 April 2008 at 13:30 CEST : Hello Pirates!, can you tell us a little more about the project Pirates of The Sea, and introduce your three members?

Pirates : "The project Pirates of the Sea comes from a mix among Swedish music quality, Italian sun, and Latvian love for freedom. All these positive ingredients met on the Baltic Sea and gave birth to the happy, charming and energetic Pirates of the Sea. This project is not just an Eurovision project even thought it has been created for this Contest. The authors of Wolves of the Sea are already working on new songs in order to present a full CD including many Pirates compositions. You will see the Pirates in many different aspects of their sea life, and through their songs you will have the chance to visit the most beautiful place in the world, to fight the bad Pirates and the sea storms and to rich a safe a sunny beach to enjoy the crystal sea waters. The Pirates group is comprised of three artists who at first sight look totally different one from each other, but all of them share inside the energy, the love for risks and the crazy strength of real Pirates.We are the singer and TV host Roberto Meloni, who took part in the Eurovision 2007 with, the winner of the Latvian edition of Strictly Dancing With The Stars Aleksandra Kurusova and the real wolf of the Sea and world traveler Janis Vaisla. : When did the idea of the Pirates project begin? Who's idea was it to enter such a song for the Latvian Eurovision selection? What inspired this particular idea?

Pirates : "The idea came from the Swedish authors, who proposed Roberto to perform their song, then Roberto put together the best Latvian artists to create an invincible team by choosing Aleksandra and Janis." : Is there a plan to continue working together as Pirates of The Sea, and record an album maybe? or will the Eurovision Song Contest just be a one off performance?

Pirates : "The project is not only a Eurovision Song Contest project. The producers and song writers are already working on the release of an album and they are taking into consideration some offers they received from some important recording companies." : What do Latvian 21st century Pirates like to do in their spare time?, when you are not on the high seas robbing people, or participating in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Pirates : "Well, we are not used to robbing people, we are happy pirates who like to enjoy life, but I really suggest people not to bother us, we get angry very fast!  In our spare time each of us is really busy in his or her jobs, Roberto is singing and Working in the Latvian TV, Aleksandra is performing and is a very popular dancing teacher, while Janis works as movie maker and director." : Your performance and song is very unique, and must have gained a lot of attention with the Latvian public.What are their expectations in general? What has the level of support been like from the people of Latvia?

Pirates : "We have been supported a lot from the Latvian public, since they really felt our way of performing, by making them enjoy our catchy song, our dances and a great atmosphere among us. We are going to Belgrade to steal the show. So, we suggest to take a look at our performance!" : Having won through a tough round of Semi Finals, then a Final in Latvia. You are back to the Semi Final scenario in Belgrade. Is that a little disheartening to have to qualify all over again after what you have achieved so far?

Pirates : "The Eurovision Song Contest is the music biggest event in the world, it ´s great to have the chance to perform twice in front of a huge audience. We are pretty sure the audience will enjoy our performance and will start singing and jumping together with us!" : Finally, what plans, promotional or others, do you have for the next month in the build up to the Eurovision Song Contest? Can we expect a Latvian party on a Pirate Ship moored on the Danube maybe?

Pirates : " We are preparing the attack, but as real Pirates we can't reveal our tactics, but the people of the Eurovision will certainly receive a lot of surprises from the Latvian Pirates! We have taken Kent Olsson, a Swedish choreographer, as a hostage to totally change our stage performance so it would suit the scenography in Belgrade. Meanwhile the costume designers are working on our new outfits and image which will be seen for the first time during the rehearsals. To make the performance and the mood on the stage more matching the song, we are trying to figure out how to get all the necessary stage items as the streering wheel, guns, swords with us. Please, do not worry, us Pirates are positivelly thinking to bring the peace, so the items are required only to create the atmosphere!." would like to thank the Pirates for their time with this interview, and also thanks to Aija Medinikia for her help with the arrangements