Interview: meets Kreisiraadio

Hello guys, can we begin by finding out a little bit more about the Kreisiraadio project, how it began and developed, and also a little more information about your individual careers when not working together.

Kreisiraadio: "In April 2008, we celebrated our 15th anniversary as Kreisiraadio. We started only on the radio, for around three or four years. Estonian Television then asked us to do something for television. We ran for ten years without a break, then we split for around a year and a half. We never work with scripts, or any plans, everything is off the cuff so to speak. Individually, Hannes is a fashion designer, and owns a small fashion company. He also has a small events management and marketing company, and hosts the show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on TV.  Tarmo is a famous conductor, and he conducted the Estonian entries in the Eurovision Song Contests in both 1996 and 1997. I have two shows on television also. Peeter is an actor, freelance and he has shows on TV and radio."

Your song Leto Svet, is unusual in the respect that it is performed in a number of languages, you are waving many flags throughout the song. What was the idea behind this? Are you hunting for votes from these countries?

Kreisiraadio: "The lyrics and text we put together in the studio, the three minutes were ready with the music first of all. We came to the studio and Peeter got some dictionaries out and we searched for words to fit the song. The idea for the languages was not mainly to try and get the votes from those countries deliberately, although if they want to vote for us we will be pleased of course. We were thinking of some part of the song in English, but we didnt like the Summer Light words,they didn't work as well as the others."

Have you worked with the beautiful ladies who are backing you and waving the flags before?

Kreisiraadio: "This is the first time, but as we see here in the Eurovision Song Contest, there are quite a number of beautiful girls. Maybe our next step will be participating in the next olympic games, but it maybe would be better looking if we were in the background and they took the main stage!."

Finally guys, what are your thoughts on Belgrade so far? Are you happy with your rehearsals and the way the stage looks? Have you managed to see any city sights, or hear any of your other competitors?

Kreisiraadio: "We are very happy with the stage, and are very thankful to the Serbian organising team who is working on the stage and behind. Its very good to see these professional people in work, and they are easy to deal with, no hassles or stress. We went on a ferry trip to the Sava river together with the Israeli and Norwegian delegations, they were very funny and lovely. The food was good and the soft drinks were very good. The still water is very good!! We only heard the Montenegro and Israeli songs, the ones directly before us." would like to thank Kreisiraadio for their time and wish them the best of luck for the First Semi-Final. Check out the YouTube video below of the Kreisiraadio guys performing after their second press conference. 


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