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Interview: meets Csézy

12 March 2008 at 00:51 CET Csézy, can you tell a little about your musical background, when you first began singing and what level of success you have enjoyed within Hungary to date?

Csézy: "My whole life has been about music and singing, I think that i was just two years old when I first started singing. My mother is actually a music teacher, and of course helped me a lot. I learned about music at Kindergarten, then I went to a music high school, and last year I finished music university and became a singing artist. I have recently released my first album, Candlelight is the title song and this has been in the top ten in Hungary." On your debut album, there is one song in English, this being a cover version of the Black song Wonderful Life. How did this track come to be on the album? Is there a specific reason for it's inclusion?

Csézy: "I chose that song, I like it very much, it is one of my favourite songs and it was decided to make it an extra track on the end of the album. In future I will also make a cover version of some of my favourite songs on albums which I record, this is the plan." It seems that music is a big part of your life, what do you enjoy doing when you do get some spare time away from recording and singing?

Csézy: "I enjoy cooking. I also like very much walking in the woods, I live in a small vilage in the mountains, it is a very beautiful place and if I have free time I like to go there." Was the song Candlelight specifically written for the Eurovision Song Contest? In the Eurovíziós Dalverseny 2008, the song was performed in Hungarian with the title Szívverés. Do both versions have the same meaning in the lyrics? How did you come to choose to sing in Belgrade in English?

Csézy: "No, actually this was firstly intended to be the title track of the debut album. It was not originally an idea for the Eurovision Song Contest, that came later. The idea was for the album first and foremost. The meaning of the Hungarian and English versions remains very much the same. It was just not possible to make a direct translation from Hungarian to English with the original lyrics. We decided it would be best to sing in English so that we have a wider audience who would be able to understand the song." Hungary has been participating in the Eurovision Song Contest since the early 1990's. Is the show very popular with the Hungarian audience? Do you have any particular favourite songs from past Hungarian entries?


Csézy: "The Eurovision Song Contest is still very popular here, we expect a lot of support. I never miss the chance to watch the show myself, from past Hungarian entries I liked very much last year with Magdi Rúzsa, she had a very natural and hard voice. I liked the group NOX too, they were very energetic and had a very high visual show. Also Friderika Bayer was very good, a very gentle song." Have any of the previous Hungarian participants offered you any words of advice based upon their experiences at the Eurovision Song Contest, or offered any support?

Csézy: "Yes, Magdi Rúzsa, she said that I must make something that I like, I do not have to worry or care about external things like voting, or other songs. Just to focus on myself and my song and our three minutes on stage and do the very best with that." "What are your plans over the next two months before you travel to Belgrade for the Eurovision Song Contest? Is there a promotional tour planned for the song?"

Csézy: "We have an invitation to Hamburg, the head of Warner Music invited us to Germany for a short presentation there. Also, there will be concerts and special shows in Hungary before we go to Belgrade. There is no promotional tour beyond this." Finally Csézy, you will participate in the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade, are you concerned that you are not directly qualified to the final? What would you view as a good result in Belgrade for Candlelight?

Csézy: "Well, I would like to be in the final of course. I would like to show a good production, to be pleased with my performance and the show on stage, and the rest will be up to the people who vote." would like to thank Csézy for taking time to speak with us, and also thanks to Adam Kulkey and Viktoria Keszei of Magneoton records for their help with arranging the interview and for providing translation assistance. We also thank broadcaster MTV for the video interview with the singer.