Interview : meets Charlotte Perrelli : You began singing at an early age, and then went on to enjoy success with dance bands before embarking upon your very successful solo career. Can you share with the readers a bit of background to how your career has developed over the years?

Charlotte :  "I have done a lot of things over the years, I was singing and performing with bands from a young age. I had a lot of success with Swedish dance bands through the 1990's, and since winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1999, I have recorded four solo albums and toured with some of the biggest shows in Sweden." : A pivotal year in your career was 1999, when you won the Swedish Melodifestival  with Tusen och en natt, and then went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest with the English version of that song Take me to your Heaven. How do you reflect on that year, and your experiences in Jerusalem at the contest? What exactly did winning the Eurovision Song Contest mean for your career?

Charlotte : "It was a great time for me, winning the Melodifestival Swedish final and then the Eurovision Song Contest itself.  It meant a great deal for my career, it opened a lot of doors for me. Not only within Sweden but it raised my profile in the rest of Europe also as a result of winning." : What other projects have you been involved with since the victory in 1999?

Charlotte : "Well, as mentioned earlier I have released four solo albums so far, I have been working on my  fifth album and this is due for release in late April. I have toured with big shows throughout Sweden, I have presented the Swedish Melodifestival final twice, and also been part of the Nordic panel for the Eurovision Song Contest preview shows where the public is given a chance to hear the competing songs before the final." : You also now have two young children. Could you tell us their names?, and have they at an early age shown any signs of following in their mother's footsteps with an interest in singing or music? 

Charlotte : "Yes, I have two young boys. There names are Angelo and Alessio and they are both interested in music. They both love to sing and dance!." : Nine years after winning the Melodifestival and indeed Eurovision Song Contest, you are in the Semi Finals of Melodifestival once again with the song Hero. Can you tell us a little more about how this song was born, which team have you been working with on it and was it written specifically with yourself, and indeed Melodifestival in mind? 

Charlotte : "The song is written by Fredrik Kempe and Bobby Ljungren for me specifically, with Melodifestivalen in mind. Fredrik and Bobby have a strong pedigree within the Melodifestival, and Bobby has had experience with a number of his songs being performed in the Eurovision Song Contest finals before over the years. I love the song! I would describe it as a powerful dance/pop song." : Should you win Melodifestival again this year, and go on to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade, you would have to actually qualify from a Semi-Final in the Eurovision itself, unlike in 1999 when you were directly in the final. Do you feel that this is a risk for you as a former Eurovision winner and already established artist in Sweden?

Charlotte : "Maybe a little bit of a risk, but I can only do my best, and I have to win Melodifestival first of all before I can think about Belgrade. I have a strong feeling for the song myself, and I hope that people will see that in the performance." : Finally Charlotte, what are your plans for the rest of 2008 irrespective of what happens in Melodifestival? 

Charlotte : "I'm going to release a new album the 23rd of April. That will take up a lot of my time, as there will be a lot of promotion work and things like that prior and after the launch. During the summer, it is already organised that I will be touring with the Robert Wells Rhapsody in Rock concerts." would like to thank Charlotte Perrelli for taking time out of her hectic schedule to talk with us. 

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