Interview : meets Boaz : Boaz, can you share a little about your background, when  you first started to become involved with music, and how you came to enter and  then win the Israeli Pop Idol A Star is Born competition?  Boaz : "Well, I've been singing for as long as i remember myself. We've  got a musical family. Every time in the synagogue when we sang the prayers I  dreamed about singing professionally one day. The Star is Born  experience started with no professional singing experience whatsoever. I only  sang to my friends before that time. But I think it was the best school for me,  because you have to sing twice a week live, prime time television. You really  get the tools to perform there with the amazing production value. I know i'm  ready for the bigger stage now." : It is  rumoured that you had wanted to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song  Contest from a young age. Is this true? Which Israeli Eurovision artists did you  grow up admiring? What are your favourites of the past Israeli Eurovision  entries?

Boaz : "It's true that i've been a  Eurovision Song Contest fan since an early age. I've been watching and counting  the votes. The spectacle and the outfits, Its amazing. I'm not going to tell you  who I love the best, but I can give you a hint, she wrote me a fabulous song for  this year's Eurovision Song Contest!. I cant  really say what is my all time favourite because I'm into the show, and not for  the songs. The production is so big and I'm really honored to sing on this  stage." : The  author of your song The Fire In your Eyes, Dana International of course  won Eurovision in 1998. What memories do you have of Dana's victory? Where did  you watch from? How did this collaboration in 2008 with Dana happen?

Boaz : " I was watching it in 1998 with my Eurovision friends at my house. We  kind of shouted and clapped like a bunch of mad men over there when she won!. It  is a great honor to win in this hard  competition, but Dana is a winner, no doubt about that. The collaboration with her  was when she gave me a song for the Israeli Kdam, which is the show when Israel  voted for the chosen song. She is great artist and a free spirit. I enjoyed  working with her, and I hope I will do it again soon." :  Besides singing and performing, what other activities and pastimes do you  enjoy?
Boaz : "I really love to sleep. But for real, I love horseback  riding, and horses in general. I really like running and staying in shape, I'm  not a gym freak or something like that. I do it in my house or the yard, but  everyone should take care of his body to stay fit. Health is not something you  want to play with, you know."  : In the selection for the  Israeli final, you had five songs to perform. Did you have a particular  favourite of them? Are you satisfied with the winning song chosen by the  public?
Boaz : "I love the chosen song. I think Dana really knows what she's  doing. The Yemenite chant in the beginning of the songs always sends shivers  down my spine. Israel voted for the best song for me, and I hope I will  represent them with pride." : With  the exception of Shiri Maimon in 2005, Israel has suffered some poor results  over the last 8 years at Eurovision. In particular the last 2 years.  What qualities do you think your song has that can change this? What would be a  good result in Belgrade for you personally?
Boaz : "I'm not coming to Belgrade to think about winning, or what  place would be good enough, I'm coming to Belgrade to have fun. I've heard that  there are good parties over there, and I hope I would have the time to visit  some of the clubs. I just want to sing, that's all, I'm sure that if I would  have fun on stage too, people would enjoy it as well." :  Finally, what plans do you have in the coming month before leaving for Serbia  and the Eurovision Song Contest?
Boaz : "We are really  working hard right now, getting ready for the contest. I'm working with my vocal  coach and with my directors to create an emotional journey throughout the song.  In the meantime we plan our stay in Belgrade and preparing the number for stage.  We rehearse and rehearse. I Hope it will be as authentic as it feels right now,  on the stage too." would like to thank Boaz for taking time to talk with us.


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