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Interview: Csezy follow up chat

19 May 2008 at 16:48 CEST

We spoke last time in February Csézy, can you give us an update on what you have been doing in the months since then prior to arriving in Belgrade?

Csézy: "Well, a lot of the work has been preparation to get ready for the Eurovision Song Contest, working on a delightful production for the song Candlelight. I was also invited to Germany by Warner Music Europe to Hamburg for some performances and promotion. It was very successful, and our song was received very well indeed."

It was reported that you met the internationally successful singer James Blunt whilst in Germany also, how was the meeting? Did he offer you any words of advice?

Csézy: "That's true, James Blunt had a concert at the same time as I did. He was very supportive, and said he was a fan of mine for the Eurovision Song Contest, and said he would vote for me!"

What are your initial thoughts about Belgrade as a city, and the stage and rehearsals so far?

Csézy: "We arrived only on Friday actually, so we have not had chance to see any of the city yet, besides a bar which is near our hotel.  The stage feels excellent, I am very satisfied with the performance when I looked at it from the viewing room. We will make a couple of slight changes for the Semi-Final but nothing major."

Since you won the Hungarian national selection, there have been a number of versions of Candlelight recorded, not only with different arrangements, but also some completely in English, and one with the majority in English, and part in Hungarian. How did you decide which particular version would be best for the Semi-Final?

Csézy: "You are right, we did make a number of recordings whilst trying to find the best arrangement for the song. We will be using the English language version with part of the song in Hungarian. When we entered the song in March, before the deadline we had to be sure which version to use, as when the song is submitted we are not permitted to make any changes. We took on board some suggestions whilst in Germany, and we are now very satisfied with the final version we have completed." would like to thank Csézy for the follow on interview. Check out Csézy's message on the YouTube link below.