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Imri (Israel): "I have been singing whilst running on the treadmill"

03 May 2017 at 18:20 CEST
Israel rehearsal 2017 Thomas Hanses
Israel's Imri is participating in the Eurovision Song Contest for the third year in a row. He was a backing vocalist previously but this time he takes centre stage with 'I Feel Alive'.

Imri's official video for I Feel Alive shows him in a party mood in Tel Aviv, an atmosphere that he aims to bring to the stage in Kyiv. "We prepared something very nice, simple and classy. We’re making a party on stage."

Things will only get better

Imri is very happy with his first rehearsal, he spoke to backstage: "I am so happy with what we did and what we achieved so far. It will only get better. There are some minor things we want to fix, but besides that everything will stay the same."

The Israeli artist is excited to be in Kyiv and he proudly posted a photograph of his accreditation badge on Instagram:

Imri recently launched a campaign supporting the Celebrate Diversity slogan, you can learn more about it and watch the special video on his official Facebook page.

Fitness first

Israel’s representative has prepared energetic choreography for the Eurovision Song Contest, together with choreographer Michal Shay, who he has worked with over the past few months. The singer managed to master the skill of singing and dancing simultaneously but it wasn't without hard work. "I have been singing whilst running on the treadmill at the same time. It was difficult but it worked."

Making friends around the world

Imri welcomed many of the participants to his country last month when they participated in the Israel Calling pre-party. Imri told that he felt so excited to meet the artists: "That is what Eurovision is all about; becoming a family, coming together and everyone enjoying themselves." The singer also can’t wait to see the other participants here in Kyiv: "Manel from Spain is a good friend and I also want to see Nathan from Austria too."

Over the next few days Imri plans to rest and concentrate on his second rehearsal: "I just want to be with my delegation. They’re my family here," he added with a smile.

Imri will be up on the Eurovision stage on 6th May and will perform in the Second Semi-Final on 11th May. You can read more about Imri on his participant profile page.