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Il Volo will represent Italy in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest
Il Volo will represent Italy in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest

Il Volo bring big love to Eurovision for Italy

Wednesday morning starts with the countries directly qualified for the Final having their second round of rehearsals. First on board was once again Italy, represented this year by Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, better known as Il Volo.

It's been some busy days for the Italian group Il Volo in Vienna. In the last days they've been giving interviews to most of the major media accredited in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, yesterday almost 30 different media interviews. And, for example, earlier this morning - and that was very early- they chatted live on Italian radio.

But not everything was work work work, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also had some time to socialise with some of their fellow competitors, attending the Israeli party or wishing luck to the artists from the first Semi-Final, like Armenia.

Their busy schedule won't stop after the rehearsals, just tomorrow they will make an appearance at the Austrian TV breakfast show in the early morning and a record signing of their EP Grande Amore at the EMI headquarters in Vienna at 15:00 CET.

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It's the perfect opportunity to be back in Europe!

Since Il Volo released their first album they've been mostly working all over America, "and we missed Europe, so the Eurovision Song Contest is for us the perfect opportunity to be back, and to be the first Italian act to sing this style of song in the contest, the operatic pop, is a truly unique experience", Gianluca stated at the second press conference for the Italian delegation in Vienna.

How was the vibe during their second rehearsal? "It was good, we still have to change a couple of things, but it all went smooth and we liked it", then band said.

Then they drew their half of the show for the Final next Saturday, and it was Gianluca who did it "because he is very lucky", Ignazio said. Italy will perform in the 2nd half.

Piero stated that "Ignazio always has something to say about their styling, and any other decisions in the band" and Ignazio himself replied "because it's good to have communication!".

Gallery: Italy: second press conference

"We have to call our mums before we go to sleep, and also when we wake up. When we are far away from our family, like for months, we miss them a lot, so it's not only an Italian thing with the "mamma", it's also natural that we miss them". Piero confessed. "Families are the people we really need as they're the ones we can trust", Ignazio continued.

Il Volo were on tour with Barbra Streisand, and being able to duet with her. How was the experience of working with Barbra Streisand? "She is perfect in everything, she gave us a lot of advices, like behave yourselves and keep studying... oh it was a great experience", Il Volo concluded.