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Iglesias praises Eurovision as a learning moment

11 October 2008 at 23:05 CEST

Iglesias told to the fan portal that the Eurovision Song Contest helped him a lot and was a special moment in his career. 

He still follows the contest and praises it for giving young people an oppurtunity to take the big stage. "Taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970 helped me to grow as an artist and was a first step to learning what an international competition means," he said.

The singer adds that the contest might be a springboard to fame but it only depends on the artists and their hard work afterwards whether they will become famous worldwide. "I have accomplished my mission at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970. Now it's time for other artists to participate and take the opportunity to conquer Europe with their music," said Iglesias about a possible comeback to the contest.

Julio Iglesias represented Spain in the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Gwendolyne, earning fourth place. His son, Enrique Iglesias, was the guest performer at the Eurovision Dance Contest in 2007.