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Iceland: Smile and make your inner world colourful!

02 May 2014 at 15:55 CEST
Pollapönk represented Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 EBU

Great message behind the rainbow!

There is a great message behind the rhythmic and energetic entry of the Icelandic quartet Pollapönk. And there is a reason why their stage and costumes have all the colours of the rainbow. In such a way, the singers show that they want the world to be a better place, with more love and tolerance because "inside we’re the same".

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This time, four lead singers wore white bow ties whilst two backing vocalists had jogging costumes and caps. All in all, the singers delivered a very nice show and presented their poppy rock song in the best way. They ended their No Prejudice with the word "Love" creating this word with their hand.  

Meeting Pollapönk backstage

"We want to try out another outfit in today’s rehearsal”, explained Heidar, one of the lead singers. They were hanging out backstage in the bath robes. “Previously we had another colours, there was green instead of pink, but then we noticed then that it disappears on the green background, so we had to take pink", explained Gundi Finnsson, one of the vocalists in yellow.

The artists don’t only act very tolerant, they also have good sense of humour: "If it doesn’t work out well, we will just shave off our beards, and nobody will recognise us when we come back," Heidar joked. The lead singer is a teacher at school: “Yes, we sang our song to children. They are very into music and they love it."

"How did you get ito my television?, children ask us"

In their first press conference, they appeared in their bath robes and shorts, extremely relaxed and easy-going. All artists said that they are very happy with their rehearsal, felt confidentt and had a great fun on stage.

Then one of the singers, Valgeir Magnusson, made an announcement that the backing vocalist Óttar Proppé is not in Copenhagen and Valgeir had to replace him.

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One of the band members read the message of their song about: people can avoiding prejudice increasing their their happiness. And "Eurovision is happinnes," the artist stressed. 

The fans found out that two singers of Pollapönk, Haraldur and Arnar Gislasons, are brothers.

One journalist asked the question about Pollapönk's chances in the Eurovision Song Contest. "We don't think about our chances, but about spreading our message," one singer explained.

The quartet have been asked what they think about #join us. "It is a grea idea. Good thing to get more people together. So, join us!"

Haraldur and Heider are pre-school teachers. They told about how children react on their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. "They are extremly happy. They always ask us 'how did you get into my television?'" In the end, Pöllapönk sang an Icelandic children song.

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