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Iceland's Svala directed her own performance for her song 'Paper'

01 May 2017 at 13:15 CEST
Icelands first rehearsal Thomas Hanses
Svala from Iceland has landed in Kyiv. "I am very excited to perform here," Svala said ahead of her first rehearsal.

Unlike many of her fellow participants, Svala hasn’t been on a promotion tour. She was already fully booked with work in Los Angeles for her upcoming album which made it impossible for Svala to tour at all during the last few months. You can read more about her career in her participant profile.

Lost in transit

It wasn’t the smoothest arrival to Kyiv for Svala and her team. They travelled via Brussels and when they arrived in Ukraine their luggage hadn't made it. ”I travel a lot so I am used to it and I packed another bag so I have a bunch of clothes with me. It’s a part of the touring life and the stage outfit is also with me.” 

Svala describes her staging as "theatrical but honest, powerful and creative." Her favourite aspect of her performance is the costume which has wings. Speaking of her outfit Svala explained; ”It’s very science fiction. I am a fan of science fiction movies.” 

Svala was very eager to take to the stage and experience the atmosphere. She is joined by a gospel choir including the singers Óskar, Anna Sigga, Fanny, Hrönn and Íris, the same group as in the national final Söngvakeppnin. ”We love working together. They have very beautiful voices and they have very powerful voices. I am happy that they are here with me,” she said.

Full power to the wind machine

There was no doubt that Svala was pleased with her first rehearsal. According to her, each run through was better than the previous. Svala didn't wear her whole outfit today but she felt that she needed to try out the wings. "I had to wear the wings to see how they worked with the wind machines. Now I know that we definitely need more wind!"

For next rehearsal Svala will put more soul into the performance after today's more technical rehearsal. She will take to the stage again on Thursday 4th May.