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Iceland: Hera Björk has the "Je Ne Sais Quoi"

21 May 2010 at 16:55 CEST
Hera Björk qualified for the final with her song 'Je Ne Sais Quoi' EBU

The main colour on the Icelandic stage today was red: both Hera Björk and her female backing vocals wore red dresses while the male backings were wearing black suits with red shirts. The lighting varied from blue to red to yellow with quick flickering intervals which worked very well with the uptempo dance hymn.

Vocally, Hera was in excellent shape hitting the notes perfectly in all of her takes today, and the accompanying backings fit the songs greatly. At the second part of the song, they join Hera in the centre of the huge stage which give the performance a classic setting. The Icelandic singer made eye-contact with the cameras during the whole song and her delegation seemed to be very happy about what they could see on screen.

Iceland came second in last year's Eurovision Song Contest with Yohanna's Is It True - will Hera Björk do better this year and get the trophy for her home country? We will see in a week, but for now, the Icelandic team can be very proud of her singer after the second rehearsal today.


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In her press conference Hera Björk confirmed that the rehearsal today had really been fantastic and that she would be really happy. From the first rehearsal, just some technical things had been changed.

As Iceland is currently No.1 in the fan polls in the press centre here in Oslo, Hera was asked how she felt about it and the answered that it is a nice pat on her back. However, she didn't see herself as a favourite and added that it might even be dangerous to consider oneself as a favourite, as it could rise to one's head. Hera stated that she's content to be Iceland's participant in the contest this year and that she is very glad for all the support she received from the Icelandic people.

Hera Björk revealed that she has only high expectations for herself, but not from the contest itself. She and her backing singers then performed a bit of her song Je Ne Sais Quoi in French.

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