Iceland first on stage today!

Icelandic Euroband were the first to enter the stage at the Belgrade Arena this morning, singing their song This Is My Life. The duet made up by Regína Ósk and Friðrik Ómar already wore their outfits for the Semi-Final. The theme is black with a touch of pink: Regína wears a fluffy skirt and Friðrik wears a black sleaveless outfit. The duet is backed by two male and two female singers. The choreography of the performance is similar to the one used in the Icelandic preselection show and it suits the up-tempo, Nordic euro-pop song well. Regína and Friðrik gave a powerful performance, and it seems like the choreography is more or less perfect. During the rehearsal they producers were working a lot with the sound which seemed to give a few problems in the beginning. Overall the Icelandic duo and the Icelandic delegation seemed very much satisfied.

It is not the first time that Regína and Friðrik have tried to win the Icelandic preselection show in order to represent their country. In 2006, Regína was the second runner-up in the finals with Þér við hlið and Friðrik ended up in third place with að sem verður. Friðrik also just missed out on winning the national finals in 2007 when the song Eldur came in second place. Euroband is a tribute band to the Eurovision Song Contest, and when the band is performing at home they sing many former Eurovision Song Contest hits.


At the press conference after the rehearsal, the Icelandic delegation were very satisfied with everything in Belgrade, and they thought today's rehearsal went very well. A journalist from the accredited press asked why Euroband changed the original lyrics in Icelandic to English, and Regína replied that the English version was better for the up-tempo, techno song. In regards to their untraditional preview video, Euroband told that they wanted to do something new. Friðrik said that it was one of his friends who plays the enthusiastic guy in the video. During the press conference, Euroband sang the Icelandic version of This Is My Life, called Fullkomið líf


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