Iceland: A heavenly love story

The Icelandic representative in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Yohanna, performed her song Is It True being accompanied by five backing singers. One of them was Friðrik Omar, who represented Iceland last yeat in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. One singer was playing guitar, which made the performance very romantic, with the full moon shown on the background LEDs. Another one was sitting on a white chair pretending to play cello. Yohanna started her rehearsal singing behind the stage and concentrating on her voice. Her costume for the Semi-Final, a long dress in pale blue decorated with feathers, was shown to the camera as well, perfectly fitting the heavenly scene in the background and giving lightness to the performance. At the end, it was dawning on the screens.


Yohanna recorded her first album at the age of nine, and it was released on her tenth birthday in the year 2000. The debut album was a huge success and was followed up by a second album in 2001, confirming her status as a true child prodigy. Her third album, consisting of popular christmas carols, was released in late 2003. This proved to be her last album for a number of years as it was a joint decision between her manager and parents to give Yohanna some space to grow up and work on her musical skills away from the spotlight. In order to develop both her voice and her own personal musical style, Yohanna’s teenage years were spent working in and out of the studio with musical instructors, songwriters and producers. Her most recent album was released in 2008 with a more grown-up sound.

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In the Icelandic press conference Yohanna was asked to tell about her performance. The singer described her entry as simple, humble, sweet and honest. One journalist remarked that the song Is It True was written for somebody else. Tinatin Japaridze, one of the composers explained that she and Oskar Pall Sveinsson wrote the song for Tinatin's album but then decided to give it to Yohanna to perform it in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Yohanna was also asked to tell about her singing experience. She said that she has been performing since she was a child. At the end of the press conference she sang her song Is It True to the journalists.

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