"I do best if it's competition" – Lena on her 2011 comeback

When 19-year-old  Lena Meyer-Landrut reunites with Eurovision.tv to reflect on her experience in May, she's filled with warm memories. It's not to be doubted that she had fun bringing Germany its first victory since 1982.

"I remember it as a big party. It was much work, but most of it was so fun and cool. I also felt really familiar and comfortable there, it felt so home. It was an intensive time that I will never forget, really awesome," Lena recollects.

In it for the fun

She even loved it so much that she accepted to do it again next year. The decision was easy for Lena. The only objections came from people on the outside with no first-hand experience of the contest.

"I actually just said that I wanted to do it. The discussion was with others, so many people said that it was a very bad idea, claiming that I can only lose and that it's so much pressure. And we just said, 'yes, but we want to do it.' It was so much fun, we brought this to our home country, and we just want to experience it again," she tells.

"More relaxing"

Some participants enter the contest with winning as the sole aim. With that approach, even a top 10 position can be experienced as a defeat. That line of thinking is far from Lena's character.

"We didn't enter this year with the approach that we had to win. Next year will be more relaxing, I'll be able to enjoy the whole competition," she says.

Do you expect not to win?

"Haha, I do expect that I won't win, yes. I guess I can't win again. That's not the point. But I'm lucky not having to go through the Semi-Finals, so we'll see!"

Even if Lena is entering the contest for the great fun of it, she does admit to have a sense for competition.

"I'm the kind of person that does best if it's a competition, where you can lose or win. I'm not saying that all the other concerts I'm doing are less good, but I do have a feeling that I concentrate a bit more if it's competition."

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